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  • No New Talents

    1 4.17%
  • 5 level Exp, Level Cap tier

    6 25.00%
  • 10 level Exp, Level Cap tier

    0 0%
  • 5 Level Exp, Readjusted Tier Count

    5 20.83%
  • 10 Level Exp, Readjusted Tier Count

    3 12.50%
  • Complete Redo

    9 37.50%
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    How do you think talents will work in Exp 5.

    Now this is probably way ahead of its self. But I have been wondering, How do you think Blizzard will do talents in the next expansion?

    First of do you think that it will be a 5 or 10 level expansion?

    Secondly Do you think, that they will keep the current model of every 15 levels, and just add a 95 or 100 tier, or do you think that they will readjust the level break causing there to be say 8 or 10 rows instead of 6.

    Or do you think they will pull the old blizzard stand by and do a complete revamp?

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    I doubt they'll rearrange the talents unless they were to add another 3 lines, it would just be really awkward.

    I doubt we'll get more than one new talent line next expansion anway, and they'll just keep the levels the same but add the newest line as lv95.

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    They always redo or add on to the talent system each expansion, I think they will spice it up alitte next expansion. Maybe give a choice every 10 levels.
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    5 new levels and I think they will just add a new tier on for 95.

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    IMO; big problem with new talent system, you end up making 12 meaningful decisions for your character (race, class, spec, 6 talents, 3 glyphs). Not enough distinct decisions; every character is ultimately very similar outside of gear. More tiers (would spitball at 9-10 total) would be nice. Maybe more glyphs (probably 5 each).
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    Five new lvls. First talent on lvl 15, new point every 10 lvls.
    And they will change how glyphs work again, do not know how tho :>
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    If Rob Pardo will come to co-work on next expansion, we have hope there will be proper talent system in place, e.g. talent each level, less cds (most of which are very situational or it is "choice" like between stun, stun or stun) and more passives. One can only dream though.

    And hopefully it will be 10 levels expansion with revisited stats' system. Everyone will agree that completing million quests to get 1 level and then losing 20%+ of combat capabilities on level-up is boring and feels like some filler and time waste than part of progress.

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    I prefer a complete revamp of talents again, but under the following assumptions:

    1. More customization ergo more talents among which we can choose.
    2. Sensation of slowly progressing ergo a talent point for every level successfully completed.
    3. Talents given in tree structures with different paths to choose from (more customization)
    4. Specific talent trees for each specialization, so that each specialization is fully distinguishable from the others.

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