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    Best Class/Spec to do dailies

    In your opinion which class/spec do you think would be the best for doing dailies ?.
    The reason why I ask is because (as often insisted by Blizz) dailies WILL ALWAYS be one of the most important aspects of this expansion and as such I want to know which class is the best for doing them.
    The metrics that I am interested in measuring are
    a) Speed of quest completion
    b) Survivability while doing the quests

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    Pvp or pve server? If you're on pve I'd say a fury warrior or feral druid, both have amazing mobility (flight form is especially hawt for dailies), good upfront burst, solid survival and some cleave/aoe (less for feral). Any dps/tanking spec can do dailies quite quickly atm though.
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    I dunno brah, found SV hunters to be quite efficient. Round up, frost trap, multi-shot(s) and bam dead.

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    As someone who farmed timbermaw rep with a holy priest, I find this somewhat funny.

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    Druid. swift flight form and stealth own all.

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    I think your mileage will vary based on your own comfort level with the class.

    Personally, I find my BM hunter to be very, very good for dailies. Since I tank everything with my pet (combining Mend Pet glyph and Misdirection glyph), I take no damage, my pet typically remains at full health at all times, and I don't have to worry about running out of mana since I use Focus.
    And at the moment, I have the added bonus of being a strong 1v1 world PvP class/spec.

    Hunters have always been effective, low-risk, low-downtime questers.

    There IS a lot to be said for druids in terms of speed of completion, though, with flight form and stealth, it's true.

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    Night Elf Feral Druid in my opinion. Shadowmeld, collect in swift flight and stealth. Can escape ganks easily and never have to kill anything extra on top of kill x amount quests.

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    I would say:

    Druid > Death Knight > Paladin > Warrior > Hunter > Warlock > Monk > Shaman > Mage > Priest > Rogue

    not as sure with spec

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