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    Quote Originally Posted by MoanaLisa View Post
    First off, I think that challenge modes have gotten off to as good a start as can be expected given that it's the start of an expansion followed very quickly by a significant patch and soon enough another patch with a large raid in it. Once people get caught up with their raiding I imagine people who haven't looked at them will do so. In any case, they weren't for everyone from the beginning so it's difficult to say they haven't caught on. I'm sure Blizzard had a projection for how much they would be used. Whether reality is ahead or behind that projection is anyone's guess who doesn't wear a Blizzard name badge while at work.

    As to larger and more difficult 'raid-sized' 5-mans, ZA/ZG were a nod in that direction and for a lot of reasons were disliked. They were disliked well before it was clear they were going to be the only thing to do for a good long while.
    To be clear you wouldn't be able to queue for it, so if you know some people on your server they could be harder then za/zg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nezgral View Post
    You should try tera
    Why, do they have 5 man raids? I may check it out once i get my new pc next month.

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    No. We went from 40 to 10. Either do the raid or do the heroics...

    And no zg/za were not a node in the right direction... they were normal HEROICS....

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    I like the basic idea of a five man dungeon as long and difficult as a raid. Very much so.

    But then I also like the idea of one man scenarios for class stories. The big issue is that developing something as big as a raid means it will cost ss much as a raid to do.

    The best would be a five man scenario using a raid dungeon and new quests or stories.


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    If the loot was on par with LFR, but the difficulty is as high as you say, what'd be the point in running them.

    By awarding better quality loot than LFR, no one would run LFR. It's all about game balance, there is already three difficulty levels to heroics, not counting the 10/25 variants.

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    What's the point of a poll with indifferent on it? If you're indifferent, you don't vote.

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    I forgot challenging modes existed, it still is one of the most overlooked feature (probably not only by me...). I'd like 5 man raiding if it doesn't award better gear than raids, but just some fun items like an amazing tabard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferocity View Post
    I am all up for interesting long dungeons (but not with 1 week lockout). But as some people noted here, in world of dailies and lots of caps it might not really work. Unless these dungeons will become true alternative to dailies, and will provide rep, charms, significant VP and raid consumables. Dailies take quite a time and they take away any wish to play after doing them.

    Dailies shouldn't have exclusive non-cosmetic rewards (I am not speaking of taking them away from dailies). As long as dailies will remain as the only reliable source of specifically itemized gear, charms, rep and consumables (tillers), barely anyone will run those dungeons, because time is luxury and grinding dailies and VP cap >>> doing anything else and it takes time. This expansion is heavily based on dailies and multitude caps, there is little place for any 5-men unless developers will change this currently broken paradigm.
    I call BS on this. First anyone who needed the dailies for non vanity items has been done for a very long time. And getting to revered on all the factions would have yielded enough charms for 8+ weeks. After getting my main done, I switched toons to a tank for the guild, and am almost done again, just have one faction left, and I have 7 weeks worth of charms

    As for people doing it, if there is gear people will. I have already knocked out my LFR today, and close to Valor cap. If it was available I would do it and I know a lot of people that would too
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    No. 10man already doesn't feel like raid anymore, 5man would be ridiculous.

    Besides you can't make challenging 5man content w/o timers. It's not possible because:
    1) a large part of challenge for raids comes from "getting 10/25 people to do the right thing at the right time"
    2) you'd need extreme class homogenization and buff distribution to make more setups viable.

    10man destroyed uniqueness of the classes enough already. No more please.

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    I think it's a pretty fun idea, nothing wrong with more options for stuff to do.

    I'd change the rewards around a bit though. I'd give out really cool looking new transmo stuff with no stats or maybe crafting materials so you can make your own. I don't understand why EVERYTHING now has to reward epics with progressive stats and all that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RicardoZ View Post
    I don't understand why EVERYTHING now has to reward epics with progressive stats and all that.
    Game culture wants to demand it. Blizzard has a long road ahead if they want to change that by providing activities that don't reward progression at the highest levels. I agree that there's nothing wrong with doing stuff in the game that you find entertaining and fun if it provides lesser or purely personal cosmetic rewards. There's way too much of the attitude "This doesn't provide me with any sort of award I can use so it sucks".

    I don't have any problems with things like scenarios or five-man raids (in the extremely unlikely event they should ever happen) providing rewards but those rewards should not get you past the LFR level (at best) for that patch's content.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaley View Post
    I don't like the idea of it awarding loot, to be honest. If you could run a 5 man to get LFR quality loot, why ever run LFR.
    Your missing the whole point of LFR, its for "casuals" to see the content, not purely to get loot

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    I really do not understand the concept. Raids are raids due to the size of the group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackarthas View Post
    Your missing the whole point of LFR, its for "casuals" to see the content, not purely to get loot
    I feel bad for people who actually believe that.

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    Honestly, I'd love to have a BRD sized dungeon... but it would need to have more interaction than just run it to get loot.

    I'd probably want to turn it into a whole instanced zone where you have daily quests at the entrance to kill certain bosses, loot certain objects, gather X materials, kill X of Y.

    Then you could have more bosses be rep gated so that you finally get to kill the end boss. At revered you could start a mini attunement chain so that when you hit exalted, you get the key to the corresponding raid.

    For instance - with the troll invasion in 5.2.

    We get a dungeon where we assault troll out posts, kill troll leaders, loot troll items, and eradicate troll forces. Then, at revered, we get a quest chain to run into troll areas on the map to gather stuff. At exalted we get to kill the end boss who drops LFR level items AND we obtain the key to unlock the new Thunderking raid.

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    The difficulty on challenge modes are a bit overrated. I'm not saying they're not hard, but 5/9 or even 6/9 gold isn't that hard as long as you know which groups to chain pull.

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    This is a secret :o
    No... just no... it's something I would hate to do...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serenia View Post
    No... just no... it's something I would hate to do...
    Here is a novel thought, you wouldn't have to do it.
    "Peace is a lie"

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    Absolutely love Challenge Modes. Been very lightly focusing on it, only completed 3 gold runs at the moment (hard to get the usual team with the same availability with raids going on), but its absolutely amazing. Probably the best feature released in WOW ever since the first heroics in TBC.

    Just hope they keep adding 1-2 new Challenge Mode (even on rehashed dungeons) every once in a while...

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    5 man raids?

    You mean like dungeons?

    No, no, we need something to convey how much harder they are...

    Perhaps we could call them heroic dungeons?

    Seriously, back when they were first added, Heroic Dungeons were the exception, not the norm. They began as 5-man raids. They became what they are. And that's what would happen to any in the future.
    Classic servers are silly.

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    Challenge mode = 5 men raids.

    It wouldn't get any better/worse if you'd call it raid instead of challenge. It's still the same. Who cares about loot anyways.

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