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    Quote Originally Posted by Brytryne View Post
    Challenge mode wouldn't be hard without the time constraint really.
    I was looking forward to challenge modes because it was supposed to be sort of like BC heroics were. Planning, CC, taking it one step at a time, being careful, etc. Instead, we got a zergfest that is the complete polar opposite.
    Humans are the only species on the planet smart enough to be this stupid.

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    Just to not mess up LRF and its loot, the 5man heroics raids so to speak could reward mount,titels,pets and what not. From what i read its what the majorety of wow players want.
    Dont get me wrong, i would stil do them myself, but only for the challenge. mabe for a nice titel if it was REALLY hard to get and a nice and catchy name.

    By really hard i mean TBC - Shadowlab heroic and/or SH heroic (all pre nerfs), and all of the 5man heroic raids should be attuned for endgame. Hate it when you can faceroll dungeons a tier later.

    And they should bring back "aggro when you cc" back.
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