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    I guess the biggest one are as mentioned rupture uptime, but also active time seems a bit low at times.
    Also I have more mastery on my non-raiding, not even fully VP geared ilvl475 rogue. (5447 Mastery vs 3989)

    Also helps a lot to put up progress bars in PowerAuras or WeakAuras or something like that to easier track stuff.
    I got bars up for SND, Rupture/Garrote, Envenom buff, Vendetta debuff, Shadow Blades buff.
    And Icons for when Vendetta and Shadow Blades are off CD.

    That way it´s easier to notice that Rupture or SND fell of, and not keep going without them for a while oblivious to the fact.
    Or simply see that they are about to run out and handle it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerdluck View Post
    Do you have any logs to back up your claim or just talking out the side of your neck?
    Using logs wouldn't back up any of these. With simple rng my envenom uptime can already fluctuate more than 10% on a given fight.

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