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    Anguish 10 man area 52 horde

    Anguish> level 25 guild we are a 10 man guild on area 52 looking to rebuild our ranks we got off to a pretty good start but alot of raiders had to stop raiding due to real life issure we are now looking to recruit like minded people who want to clear all heroic content when its current and have fun while doing it we still keep a harcore mentality while raiding 3 nights a week WE DO NOT RECRUIT FOR BENCH,WE DO NOT TOLERATE ASSHOLES,and we like to down stuff :P we are recruiting non dk tank with a dps off spec any healer but a shaman and 2 ranged dps we will be starting the guild up again on january 8th our raid times are 8:30-12 EST tues-thursday for any further questions wsp me on battle tag cerrond#1683
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    Still recruiting folks

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