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    [H]<Impolite Socialites>(16/16) LF Tank

    Hey all! <Impolite Socialites> (16/16) on Malganis is looking for a Monk(preferred), Warrior, or Druid tank for a Core spot on our 10 man raiding team having just lost our second tank to RL issues.

    Looking for ilv 480+ with at least 6/6 4/6 experience, Dps off spec is a plus

    Just killed sha of fear and now on to heroics and beyond *Thunder King's Palace*

    Chill Group who likes to joke around but gets down to business when it comes to the boss fight.

    Raid times:
    mon 7:45 -11 EST
    wed 7:45 -11 EST
    sun 7:45 -11 EST

    Get in touch with me via battle tag aboken#1384, Visit us at our website www.impolitesocialites.com or leave a post here
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