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    Question Need help with survey for term paper :)

    Hi guys /gals
    I am conducting a research about online friendships among MMO players. The research is a part of a graduation paper in Psychology.
    I mainly interested in adults who were diagnosed with learning disabilities as children, but I will be happy if people who were not diagnosed with learning disabilities will answer also for my control group.

    the survey has three parts,
    first part you have to rate from 1 to 5 twenty (20) statements about real life behavior.
    second part you have to rate from 1 to 5 thirty (30) statements about online friendship.
    third part is a demographic survey with twelve standard questions.

    the survey is anonymous
    No one will be able to identify you or your answers, and no one will know whether or not you participated in the study.

    new survey link


    if you have any remarks about the survey, please reply to the post...

    Thank you very much and a happy new year

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    Hi all,

    the survey is still open,

    if somebody feels like answering a (not so short) survey, please do.

    thank you for all the people who answered

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