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    action bar + keybind saver

    Im on the look for addon that will enable to save a profile of my keybinds and action bar set-up that I can switch to with a /command or button press. I've tried Profiles: Keyboard binds and the action bar sister addon but it was pretty crap and only saved half of my binds.

    If anyone has a good idea id be very grateful

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    I'm using Bartender

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    Im using Dominos and I havent found an option with it to save keybind profiles and layout, and I don't really feel like downloading a whole new bar addon.

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    I also use the Profiles: Keyboard binds, Profiles: Action bars.
    I recognized that it would not save my macros to my bar, than i added Profiles: Macros to my addons and since then everything works for me like a charm.

    I use completly diffrent keybinds, macros and spells on my action bars. Works decent!

    Also make sure that you are in the right specc when you load a profile. If you dont some spells might not show up i guess

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    I'll DL the macro addon and give it a second chance

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