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    Blackgate Server need you! (NA/EU/Oceanic)

    Hey fellow GW2 WvW Players! Right now Blackgate is really desperately looking for any transfers (NA/EU/Oceanic) to strengthen our Blackgate server. There are rooms for everyone to WvW. The worst queue time in EBG is around 10min but the rest of the borderlands are still instant join so no queue time here in Blackgate. We have very strong solid community as well as proven WvW experienced even PUGs. If you're looking for a 24/7 WvW challenge and a place that has no WvW queue but yet being very competitive in performance (now won 6 weeks continuously in tier2), Blackgate is the place for you! Join us now!

    Blackgate currently looking for in particular:
    -NA Guilds (Both west coast and east coast)
    -Australian Guilds

    -Awesome coverage on Oceanic. With the recent transfer of DS/ND, we're able to hold two maps during our peak time plus we have chance invading another one. Best oceanic coverage compared to SoR/TC. Still EB/BG rarely get queue. If so, the queue would be less than 5min in EB during our peak.
    -Great coverage on EU. We have HB and their gang leading the charge here and our EU team are awesome (see HB vid below)
    -Probably one of the best server in tier2 and the most potential server to move up to tier1. Well the record proved, we won SoR/IoJ for 6 weeks consequetive since we dropped down to tier2. We were also able to make a comeback from 20-30k lead by our arranged server wide push! So our winning spirit is great!
    -Plenty of PvE actions, if ur players looking for party, this is the place for you 24/7. FotM party invite spamming all day in LA!
    -Skilled players even PUGs! (May be my bias here :P)
    -Compose of small-medium guilds mostly. We have no super big guild with 50+ WvW ppl here, so even any of us moving out, it wont effect the server much. Our group of medium guilds work well together forming solid performance rather than rely on 1-2 big guilds.
    -Solid community We rised from the bottom most in the tier, even reached tier1 for weeks before, still our community stand strong! We also have http://www.blackgatewvw.com/ as our community website. And center Mumble/TS

    -I have to admit, we right now lack of Pre Oceanic coverage, Australian. But things start to get better when there is no IoJ in the mix (IoJ composes of many aussie guilds)
    -Lack NA coverage but still we managed to even things out during NA timezone sometimes. It's not too bad but definitely our weak spot is NA coverage.

    Our Community Website: http://www.blackgatewvw.com/

    Awesome WvW Vids by our BG guilds:

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    no way i transfer from EU to NA server lol
    i tried it before (1 week) and ping is very bad - sure ppl running after a zerg spamming 1 or aoe spells dont care bout ping but HELL is this bad in sPvp - good player will feel the delay and its big and not worth it
    and in WvW sooo much lag and Rubberbanding
    and finally - noone online in EU Primtime - you find never a group for anything

    how i said - no way^^

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    Please don't make recruitment threads (even if it is for a whole server). Use the recruitment sticky.

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