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    Quote Originally Posted by killidan View Post
    1. TBC
    Quests, dungeons, raids all tied together in a nice flow and created immersive character progression.

    2. Vanilla
    Huge world, beautiful zones and music, exploration, amazement at every turn.

    3. WotLK
    Beautiful zones, nice quests and 5-mans, heroics faceroll, Ulduar but Naxx recycled and ToC shitty, casualism took hold.

    4. Cata
    Class homogenization, healer imbalance, more recycled content, no continent, zones were good but not great.

    5. MOP
    Raiding overtaken by LFR, faceroll heroics, recycled heroics, mediocre zones, KungFu panda and pokemon, no lore just copy/paste Asian themes
    u mr need to find good guild to cut the crap

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    I am Murloc!
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    there is one single thing i don't appreciate in modern MMO setting, it's the not going to the world anymore.

    I don't play mop, so forgive me if what i say is not relevant anymore, but from what i remember from wolk and cata, people mainly stay in dalaran/stormwind. I did like the good old time where, once the group is formed, you have to physically go to the entrance of the dungeon. I understand the inconvinience, but my feeling is, i would take the inconvenience of 10 minute travel over the complete loss of a "world" feeling of the game.

    I lost the feeling that i was in giant world in wolk and cata. I spent most of my time in stormwind.

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    I'd say TBC>Early Cata>Wrath>Late Cata>MoP>Vanilla. It took me 8 months to ding 60 on my paladin and started raiding late Vanilla. I liked Vanilla ALOT however objectively it is the worst.

    What can I say, I like my games difficult.

    Also, lore-wise, I hate the new MoP art direction and lore. But that's my opinion.

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    MoP > Wrath > Cata > TBC > Vanilla

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kisho View Post
    From best to worst:

    Vanilla (I know, not an expansion, bear with me)

    Basically the game keeps getting better as we move on. While prior expansions have had individual good and bad points, overall it's been an improvement with each expansion.
    As far as raiding, yes. But overall I think the devs fubbed Cata a bit. But I believe they did it because they also had to redo the 1-60 zones


    A LOT of people who loved BC and Vanilla have rose-tinted glasses on. Yes, WOW was way better than it´s competition at that time, but WOW today is miles better. Do you really think people wouldn´t be in an uproar if Netherwing and Ogril-a type dailies were dailies now? Of, god forbid, you gained reputation from friendly to exalted for a faction ONLY by grinding one-type of mob in one zone ( pages for sithilis). Again, at the time they were great compared to the competition, but even the worst factions in MOP are better than any faction in Vanilla.

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    Best: Wrath of the Lich King
    Worst: Cataclysm

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    1. TBC
    2. Classic
    3. WotLK
    4. Cata
    5. MoP

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    I would have to go with:

    1. TBC - it introduced me to WoW and is full of nostalgia
    2. WoTLK - Was critical to begin with - but ended up playing it quite a lot and encouraged me to level up alts
    3. MoP - Got me back into the game after burning out in WoTLK - have to say that the current expansion fits better with my time these days (being more and smaller objectives) than TBC would have done.
    4. Cata - Leveled 1 character to max level and was completely burnt out. No feeling for it, even though I was seriously impressed with the revamp of Azeroth.


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    You could have necroed the most recent one at least...

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    Best - WOTLK and worst - TBC

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    BC > Wrath > Vanilla > Cataclysm

    Wrath and Vanilla are almost tied for second.

    I can't comment on MoP because I haven't played enough of it yet. I took a long break at the end of Cataclysm (around September of last year). I plan to return eventually but haven't gotten around to it yet. All I've seen of MoP is the 10-day trial I fired up just to dick around and get my main to 87. I actually bought the game since it was on sale for like $15, but I haven't actually fired my account back up yet. So far all I can say is that I hate CRZ (found that out when I decided to mess around on some of my alts), and Jade Forest was a fun zone.

    I liked Cataclysm okay, but it was by far my least favorite of all the expansions. At the end of Cataclysm, I'd been regularly playing since Vanilla and was starting to get burned out by that point, so I figured it was time to take a break.

    BC was my favorite by far. I loved the zones and questing in Outland. The "alien planet" feel of Outland was awesome to me. Also, I think BC is the point where my guild was at its strongest, and most of my best friends in WoW were still active/playing. That was just a great point in the game for me.
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    1. The Burning Crusade
    2. Mists of Pandaria
    3. Wrath of the Lich King
    4. Cataclysm

    I don't really feel like explaining that much. TBC is IMO the best by far, best raids, great dungeons, overall just an amazing expansion. MoP comes next, a lot of stuff to do in game now, really quite enjoying it. ToT, best raid since Ulduar, even though the previous three raids were kinda 'eh'. WotLK - pretty solid though I'm surprised at how boring the raids became after a while. Ulduar was the only raid I continued to enjoy after 10-15 clears, the rest became dull chores. Cata last because it lacked a lot of things IMO. Going back to Azeroth was fun for like 10 minutes. Uldum and Vashjir were cool zones, but as a whole it felt like a very shattered expansion. Dragon Soul was such a boring and lame raid as well.

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    1. WotLK - Because it's the expansion I started playing in, and I think it had the best lore / story going for it. LK was an amazing villain. The raids were also the most memorable. So far nothing has compared to storming ICC. Even though the difficulty is questionable...

    2. MoP - Because a lot of the "Cataclysm Problems" have been fixed. Such as not having anything to do end game besides sitting in cities. Also because of the amazing zones and lore to go with them.

    3. Cataclysm - Had a decent story, although I hated the way they portrayed Deathwing as a villain. The raids/dungeons were also an average experience in my opinion. The world revamp was much needed.

    4. TBC - Having to put this here simply because I didn't play during this time. I know it had some pretty awesome raids and dungeons, but I really dislike that they killed the main boss the first patch into it.

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    Best to worst...


    I like the atmosphere of MoP. And I really liked the gear sets and uniqueness of BC.

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    for me it's a Tie between then the rest


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    Why does everyone hate Cataclysm so much? I stopped playing shortly before Firelands patch but everything before that was awesome.

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    1: TBC.
    2: Wrath
    3: MOP (i think, havent played it alot, but cata was awfull)

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    Burning Crusade > Pandaria > Lich King > Cataclysm

    but thats just my opinion
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    Best: Wrath of the lich king
    Worst: Cataclysm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamal View Post
    Why does everyone hate Cataclysm so much? I stopped playing shortly before Firelands patch but everything before that was awesome.
    then u havent missed anything (good) and thats the reason
    for me its bc > mop/wotlk > cata perhaps wow is getting too old, if mop would be the first/second expansion i would definitly rate it better than wotlk

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