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    We just picked up another rogue bringing us to 3 for our 25 man 6/16 Heroic guild. A good rogue is a fine addition to a raid team, I don't see why anyone would be avoiding rogues.

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    In general i would say no, it shouldnt be too hard. rogues are viable dps, although in general its more about knowing how to present/sell yourself than just your dps.

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    US guilds looking for a rogue? Will be 90 in a couple days WUDDUP.

    Joking. I feel like they are strong melee rank wise and it shouldn't be too difficult to find anything, just keep looking.
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    I assume you've tried applying to the top guilds already but got rejected. If that's the case have you tried asking any of their officers if they do alt runs and maybe you might join in? It may not be the hardcore end game raiding you're after but it's a foot in the door.

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    I cant remember the last time I heard a rogue on my server say "cant find a guild or raid". Granted rogues arent in high demand but they are at low pop so this fits quite alright?! Might be your raiding availability. If you can raid only twice a week you are automatically eliminated for some guilds recruiters. If you can only play on two specific days throughout the week then it'll be even harder for you to find something.

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    I honestly think no raid should be without a rogue. One of the higher melee dps, and there are tons of mechanics you can cheese with feint (Heroic will/Garalon cleave/Running ahead of heals on blade lord/Staying outside of bubbles on vizer).
    Outside of feint we don't bring a lot to the table, but feint is one hell of an ability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bovan View Post

    Yeah, with Sub's notoriously strong agility scaling, and the buff to Sanguinary Vein next patch, I am sure it will be just terrible

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    Rogues have very good survivability, they don't need much healing and can take care of themselves. In 10man Heroics we love our rogue on every healing-intense fight because it frees healing for the rest of the raid. Plus there are quite some fights where you want rogues for utility.
    As Assassination they do very good Singletarget-DPS easily compareable to any other DPS class and FoK-AoE is decent. Combat is near-OP on lots of fights.

    Stone Guards - Combat should be Top-DPS because of cleave.
    Feng - Rogue not needed but Assa is decent Singletarget-DPS on this fight, FoK is good for slowing/killing Adds and they can cloak the Arcane-Debuff.
    Garajal - Assa-Rogue is doing decent DPS, high survivability helps the raid, smokebomb is nice at the end of the fight.
    Spirit Kings - Decent DPS, Enrage-Dispell and Kidneyshot help very much.
    Elegon - Rogues aren't perfect on this fight but they aren't more or less effective than other melees.
    WotE - In 10man you basically NEED a rogue to soak sparks.

    Zorlok - High Survivability helps the raid a lot, decent DPS.
    Blade Lord - You can bring a rogue just for DPS and its ok.
    Garalon - Combat Rogue OP
    Wind Lord - We always bring a rogue for additional interrupt, decent AoE and good Singletarget-Burst.
    Amber-Shaper - Rogue mandatory for our tactics when you play it with one Tank in the construct for whole P2 (Roguetank, Combatrogue Top-DPS).
    Empress - Doesn't need much healing on this very healing-intense fight and brings lots of DPS.

    Protectors - Rogue not needed, but not worse than any other Melee-class.
    Tsulong - No reason to not bring a rogue, but also not needed.
    Leishi - Good for CCs/Stuns, good DPS, doesn't need much healing. We always bring one here.
    Sha - Don't know honestly due to 3 weeks raiding-break because of christmas etc.

    (everything HC of course)

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    I see some guilds on my server (Tarren Mill) looking for rogues every now and then. They're usually 10m, and I'm not sure about their progress. Some pug groups going on might need a rogue too. If I wanted to raid (and had the gear), raiding wouldn't be a problem for me, of that I'm sure. My tip would be to head to the realm\guild recruitment forums - there's bound to be someone looking for a rogue
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    Quote Originally Posted by xquizite View Post
    Rogues are strong in PVE for a few reasons. We can pull high dps both sustained and burst (and can cleave on fights that require it). We also take the least amount of damage using feint properly without significantly reducing our dps output. We are also useful during some fights due to our poisons, smoke bombs, interrupts, ect. This is both for 25 and 10 man where I have been able to prove rogues usefulness. I also soak about 70% of our sparks on H Will via CoS and Feint.

    Rogues are suffering in a pvp environment but we are still highly valued as raiders.
    This sums it up perfectly.

    In PVE we are fine (as Assassination). In PVP, we are realyl weak (but you are looking for a PVE guild).

    In terms of tips when applying to a new guild, be open and honest, talk about yourself and answer all questions fully. Applications completed with short answers are rarely accepted, unless the player is exceptional.

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    I wouldn't say finding a raid spot is hard as a rogue, I would say that finding a raid spot as a MELEE is generally more difficult. 10man raids only want 1-2 melee in any given raid encounter, sometimes none at all. There aren't a whole lot of fights where melee are beneficial.

    As for applying to a guild--most guild masters or DPS "leads" wont know a whole lot about rogues. It might be more difficult for you to prove to them that you know your class because they won't know what questions to ask you. Just be sure to have DPS logs.

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    If you look at raidbots, rogues avg out to number 3 dps for top 100 parses on 10 man and 25 man normal. The real question is not a question of dps, it is question of raid spot availability. You can't find a raid spot in a 10 man guild already with a rogue or a 25 man guild with 2 rogues, or in either that are melee heavy. More people play melee dps than tanks, healers, or ranged dps.

    Raid spots imo are easiest to find as a healer, then a ranged dps, then melee and last a tank.

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    no harder than any other class, just know the fights and pull your own weight and you should have no problem

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    Melee dps in general have an incredibly hard time because guilds only want them taking up 20% of the DPS spots at most, and there are equal numbers of melee and ranged dps.

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    There is also another possible solution start your own raids

    hunt for people on weekends and monday as these are usually either people that didn't get a spot on their main group or alts
    add regulars to your friends list create a channel and invite people to it so they can join your raids
    by this time chances are that you'll either have enough people to start your own guild or be invited to your friends raids.

    few people like the burden of organizing raids but a lot of people enjoy going to raids

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