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    What does your char do while mind-controlled?

    I'll get to the point :P

    I have a frost mage and while it's being mind-controlled by a boss in a raid or Sha of Anger, it does the stupidest sh*t. I am wondering if it's a good idea for Sha of Anger to USE ME for casting Evocation (when my Invoker's energy has just ended, so I was gonna Evo anyway) or to change my Frost armor with Molten armor (which he does a lot and it's even annoying )?
    I know he's probably just 'Good guy Sha' or he likes the concept of Sha of Happiness, but Imperial Vizier Zor'lok also does the same things. When they're at their best, they cast Scorch which does almost no damage coming from me (of course they don't use the Frostfire bolt procs)

    So, do you have any similar observations? Or may be the opposite?

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    I remember back in the day, I used to have a decked out T2 (and T6) Rogue, I used to SLAUGHTER people, it was hilarious!

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    My Warlock always uses Kil'jaedens Cunning, which puts it on cooldown for 1 minute so that I cannot move while casting for 1 minute...

    Pisses me off...
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    I have to make sure I use dragons breath right before the MC on Zorlok because he makes me cast it on the whole raid every single time its not on CD :/

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    From what I've seen, my DK pops blood presence, anti magic shell, and starts spamming howling blast and obliterate/frost strike... fun stuff
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    Kaleredar is right...
    Words to live by.

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    Whenever I get mind controlled by first boss in hear of fear, my holy paladin gets the urge to change seal. It's really annoying, because it usually takes a while before I notice.

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    As a Brewmaster Tank, Sha of Anger usually drops into my Windwalker stance where I can do jack-all. I've also caught him popping Zen Meditation. Thanks for wasting a cooldown, Sha.

    On my Rogue, he actually just usually makes me start CCing EVFERYONE. Like, Blind -> Gouge -> rvs Kidney Shot. Best I've done was drop a smoke bomb on the tank = Tank death.
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    On my death knight, lady deathwhisperer used to pop blood prescence which resulted in me wondering why I died because of aggro...

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    On my DK it used to (idk if it still will, havnt been mced ina while) but it used to always, ALWAYS use my army of the dead..i felt bad for raids
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    when i was destruction he would resummon my pet with flames of xoroth.... just to re saccrifice him right afteer... like wtf
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    In AQ40, had one of the best geared mages on the server, when mind controlled by the first boss, used to flamestrike the shit out of people, i think it targeted groups of people without full hp not entirely sure but it sure happened more often than not, taking the increased damage it had, it would end up in slaughter many times :P
    Was hilarious :P

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    When i'm mind controlled on my hunter, i'm popping all my CDs and start punching the raid with my fists.

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    One time when Azshara MC'd me, she tried to make me change my glyphs. Weirdest thing I've ever seen.

    Usually, I use smoke bomb, blind the healers, stuff like that.

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    It always fucking pops the portal on my warlock. Like wtf.

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    Every single time i get MCd, it always has me go into bear form, pop Survival Instincts, and Might of Ursoc, like its saying "HERES AN EXTRA 3 MIL HP TO DPS". Ive taken to making sure these are on CD, constantly, during Vorlok. (I have to admit it, i just afk and auto attack on Sha)
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    It really differed on my Warrior.

    Back in Old Zul'gurub, I either popped recklessness (on.. what was it, half an hour cooldown back then?) and SLAUGHTERED EVERYBODY...
    ... or shot my gun. Pyew~.

    I know back in classic, mindcontrol on druids could mean you would potentially lose your druid.

    Because Teleport: Moonglade.
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    When mind controlled, all your long cooldowns are used... all of them... preferably at the same time... and then it goes /flex to look cool

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    Spinning Crane Kick. All the time.

    Although once it made me Keg Smash someone next to me; with vengeance, it basically one shot them. Was pretty funny to see the DBM report pop up, saying what killed them.

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    Every fucking time.

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    Rain of Fire.
    This concept of wuv confuses and infuriates us.

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