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    Choosing between G600 or G700 to use with my G13

    Finally replacing my 3 year old, 2nd hand DeathAdder and I'm stuck deciding between the G600 or G700. This Razer has performed like a champ originally through my buddies FPS's and then another million clicks by me, but I want to buy a Logitech so no Naga. I've done a bit of research and forum reading on these 2 mice individually, but I'm hoping someone with a G13 could weigh in.

    My feeling is that most of the function offered by the G600's thumb keys is already met by my keypad and I won't be utilizing all the extra buttons (I'm not even fully utilizing all the G13 buttons). I'll probably just be using it more for modifiers and one-off utility type abilities i.e. Heroic Leap, hunter traps, Rain of Fire, stuff that requires cursor placement or non-combat rotation skills. Currently I have everything bound to my G13 including 2 modifiers and I have a 3rd modifier on my mouse 4 button. I like this set up and just want to expand on it as opposed to changing things over to the mouse. The G700 seems like it would be more comfortable and have simpler button access, plus having extra buttons not on a grid would probably be easier for me to remember instead of what is essentially a second keypad on the G600.

    I know the G700 is an older mouse and I've read that it doesn't use the current Logitech Game Software the G13/600/keyboards do. Is this still true? Having to run and set up 2 separate pieces of warez might just be a deal breaker.

    TL;DR - I'm thinking the older G700 will complement my G13 set up just fine, be more comfortable to use and I want to like it, but I'm worried about buying older technology and wondering if I'm not seeing some extra functionality that the G600 could offer in combination with G13 beyond just more buttons.

    Thank you and Happy New Year!

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    FYI: The MX518 is almost 8 years old now and is still considered one of the best mice on the market (Got replaced by G400 some time ago though)

    I'd recommend the G600 over the G700, mostly because I've heard of some issues and decent at best build quality, while I haven't seen or heard of any complaints of the G600.
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    I much more prefer my brothers g600 over my old g700. The g600 is much more comfortable and the wire on the g700 when needed is just a pain in the arse.

    Both of those aside, I'd take my M90 over them any day.

    What it all comes down to with a mouse is personal choice however. Nobody has your hands. All I can suggest is going out and playing around with demos if at all possible.
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    I have a G700 and I love it. The mouse sits really well on my hand and the buttons are in a perfect position for me. The battery isn't great in it - it usually lasts about 3-7 days from fully charged, depending on how much you use it. That being said, I don't find the cable to be annoying. It charges enough in about 20 mins to play for a day, or just leave it on charge when you go to bed.

    Regarding build quality, I've had it coming up to 2 years now and it's in perfect condition despite it being dropped. If you tend to rage out and throw your mouse then obviously it won't last long.

    Haven't tried a G600 at all, mainly because I haven't needed to.

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    If you aren't buying into the gimmick that is the thumb grid, you really shouldn't feel pressured into the G600. Being a newer model is a good thing for certain technologies, but it has almost zero significance when it comes to peripherals. The only newer tech found in the G600 is the adns9800 laser, which is more or less the adns9500 (found on the G700) with higher sensitivity scaling--8200 cpi vs 5040 (both way higher than anyone will use). They've got the same tracking speeds and the same hardware acceleration issues. I'd actually prefer an adns9500 tbh, since its native cpi steps are increments of 90 vs the 9800's 200.

    I'm not sure about the software, as I've never owned a G700, but if that's going to be a problem that's your call. Either mouse is a decent choice, though for me it would come down to the hassles of wireless vs. the G600's weird chunky shape, both of which are entirely up to personal preference.

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