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Except when you allow those two scripts, about 14 others come in int the noscrpit list.

What does that have to do with anything anyway? He didn't want to read it because he doesn't like foxnews, not based off how many scripts it runs.

If you don't like sites based of scripts, what are you doing at mmo-champ?

Also, wow lots of people didn't bother reading the article at all.
I prefer to link to sites with the lowest scripts for those still using ie and random clicking. I dont see eye to eye with 80% of this site, but i dont wanna be that guy who gave them a virus.

Mmo champ is a great place to see other peoples views, darthhater script is darthisis's? :P I wouldnt dare visit this site without my no script.

Not sure why people hate fox so much, i disagree with other sites and outlets but i dont go emo. Just read the quotes if you dont like the source, thats what i do with the huffington post and other similar sites, then laugh at their commentary and spin job attempts.