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    Help with graphics card

    So ive been thinking its time for a new graphics card, so what should I look for in one? And does anyone have any good recommendations i have a budget of 800-1000$ so yeah

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    The rest of the system? You could get a new system with that budget.
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    Could get yourself a pair of cards to slap together for that budget of yours.

    Various sites to look at;

    2 Radeon HD 7970s might be decent, in the $400 range each... using Crossfire.

    Or getting yourself a Geforce GTX 690... pretty strong card alone. Or SLi 2 680s for to save yourself a bit for slightly lesser performance.
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    Well the rest of my system is actually pretty good but... the graphics card I have currently is pretty terrible :S GTX 260

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    for the radeons which brand should i get?

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    With that budget of yours, we have a lot of options, including going SLI/crossfire, but the big question is, do you really want to spend that much on just upgrading the GPU?

    It's obviously your money at the end of the day, but have you also considered upgrading the components in your system? I'm asking because that's a lot of money, and I have a feeling we can get a bit more out of that. What is your CPU, and have you thought about getting a SSD as well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharkcrap View Post
    Well the rest of my system is actually pretty good but... the graphics card I have currently is pretty terrible :S GTX 260

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    for the radeons which brand should i get?
    "Pretty good" can mean a lot of different things

    Can you be more specific? (list your spec)
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    670 vs 260 Why dont you get a single 670 and save the rest of that money and buy something else lol. Just the jump between the 2 cards would be such a noticable difference I wouldnt see a reason to spend more than $300-500 coming from such and old setup and if you really think you need more power then get a 2nd n sli it.
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    What is your resolution? It should be a rule to post your resolution when asking for graphics card advice.
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    unless you are playing with a resolution over 1920x1200, you won't need anything more powerful than a 670 or a 7970 since they can play basically every game literally maxed out with over 60 fps with the exception of like 2 games, one being metro 2033, of course, they would still be within a playable FPS. In those cases, getting 60 fps only requires barely tuning the graphics down where it is still be pretty darn close to being maxed out.

    If you really want to go overkill with 1920x1200 resolution or lower, I wouldn't get anything better than one 680. SLI/crossfire aren't really worth it in most cases since you "could" end up with microstuttering which apparently annoys the heck out of some people. Last time I checked, the only way to completely avoid microstuttering with SLI/crossfire is if you hook up 3 or more GPU's together. Play it safe, you won't need the extra power unless, as I have mentioned, your resolution is ridiculously high while attempting to max out the graphics with it.

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