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    So, I just got my Hc spiritsever for the MH and been playing around with Shadowcraft just testing between sub and assassination specs on there. Before hc SS I was getting sims for sub around several thousand dps behind assassination, but after ward I am now getting sims of it coming ahead by around 100-150dps ahead of Assassination with a fully upgraded dagger and legendary gems socketed. Pretty nice news, even though it is purely based on a tank & spank scenario and requires perfect play and timing of much more, it shows Sub is pulling up even without the 4% buff. Is anyone else having similar results with shadowcraft?

    I do have a quick about Sub play while I'm on the subject if anyone could offer some optimal advice: when is the best time to weave in Shadow Blades? I know you aren't supposed to clip it with FW debuff, but at the start of a fight, would you use it before Shadow Dance, vanish, prep ect? Or wait until after all the FW burst is used. I'm guessing you try and save one for hero if it's used later on in a fight also if possible. It's a really weird cd to use as Sub.

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    Yes, this has been known since the start.

    I suggest you go read guides out there that demonstrate the most effective use of the class. Simc also demonstrates the "optimal" rotation of spells and CDs but it can be cumbersome to read through.

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