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    MoP 5.2 Rogue PvP Macro Guide

    Hey guys/girls uploaded a video, a guide explaining my UI and Macros to help New Rogues the basics. If i get enough views, Subbs, and likes on this video i will make a in-depth Opener guide showing my Openers and also Tips and Tricks to help you excel in PvP.

    *New Video* MoP 5.2 Sap-Garrote Opener (Paralytic Usage Tricks)

    Youtube .com/ninjacolligan

    Btw.. Happy New Year everyone
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    Thought it was cool seeing your ideas and preferences.
    Might mess with that stopwatch idea myself.

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    Enjoyed the stopwatch.

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    I didnt get the "stopwatch" part, can you write it down here? sounds interesting tho

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    Im glad people are benefiting from this.

    Quote Originally Posted by bkw View Post
    I didnt get the "stopwatch" part, can you write it down here? sounds interesting tho
    Yes no problem mate. When you use kidney shot or cheapshot it has a diminishing return which means your second Stun will diminish with the first, lasting only half the duration, and so on.. So if you macro;

    /sw 24
    /sw play

    Into your a kidney shot and cheapshot it is alot easier to track your own stun diminishing return.. which if you watch it correctly will prevent you from miss interpreting your diminishing returns...

    Example of a my cheapshot macro;

    #show cheapshot
    /cast Premeditation
    /cast Cheap Shot
    /sw 24
    /sw play

    Example of a my Kidney shot macro;

    /cast Kidney Shot
    /sw 24
    /sw play

    Hope this helped Bkw
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    #showtooltip shadow dance
    /cancelaura subterfuge
    /cast premeditation
    /cast cheap shot
    /use [nostealth] shadow dance
    /use [nostealth] Malevolent Gladiator's Badge of Conquest
    /use [nostealth] Malevolent Gladiator's Leather Gloves
    /sw 24
    /sw play

    /use [nostealth] Malevolent Gladiator's Badge of Conquest
    /use [nostealth] Malevolent Gladiator's Leather Gloves
    You can not use on-use trinket with engi gloves buff, it will put them one or another on 20 sec CD....You can see it in your video....And now with change to pvp trinkets (from 2 min to 1 min CD) you will always have it ready for shadow dance....And small preference, I dance with kidney, so after stun i can follow it with garrote or top it with 2 sec CS...

    Next thing is
    Why 24 sec? Classic DR is 16 sec to 18 sec, starting at beginning of every Cheap shot and kindey shot....If you are lazy like me, use addon.....

    Last, little example of macro that every pvp rogue must have/should use:
    /castsequence [mod:alt,@focus] reset=20 Redirect, Kidney Shot
    /cast Redirect

    Press once->redirect, press once with alt->focus redi, press twice->focus redi with kidney.......Pull that off in arena and just using it will feel great....

    All and all, try to weave abilities together in macro so it will reduce total number displayed abilities+clean up UI, and dont give up on rogue, the night is always darkest before the dawn......

    EDIT: Watched your arena videos, keep it up, just quick question.....why deadly poison even when you play with lock? And last, you focus too much on control, even when it cost you huge damage and maybe over CC->blind should always follow up with sap, or redi kidney should follow up with smoke bomb into sap....just quick thought
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    The DR starts when the CC ends. DR is 20sec, so 20sec + stun duration. Combat stun 27 sec DR. Cheap shot glyphed 25 sec. Kidney shot 26 sec. Cheap shot + kidney shot 28 seconds.

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    nice video good watch

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    Matlafous, This is my First attempt at making a guide, i did make some mistakes.. leaving information out etc

    First - Not explaining in the video about the Engineering Gloves was a mistake i made. Totally slipped my mind, and i Apologize for that.

    My overall preference if i was going to use Shadow dance, is to get a Re-stealth For the 10% Damage buff... Not to mention being specc'd into Shadow focus meaning the Cheap shot costs me nothing in energy. Although if you're talking about Shadow dancing out of stealth I'd still rather go for the Shadow dance straight into the Cheap shot and so on, Thats my personal preference.
    Last thing, I feel you're trying to teach me something here when i already know all this, Its says in the video description its a "Just a guide explaining my UI and Macros to help Rogues with the basic's"
    This isn't an In-depth Macro guide.

    Second - The Stopwatch timer, I've always had it at 24 seconds... And yous are both wrong sorry to say, Diminishing return lasts 18 seconds and begins when the stun ends (or another stun is overlapped), my stopwatch activates at the start of the stun (Cheap shot - 5 seconds (Glyphed) 5+18=23 / Kidney Shot - 6 seconds 18+6=24)

    Third - The Redirect Macro, If you look at my Cata movies (Extreme Rogue CC or Battleground Montage, 2 of my most Popular Videos) You will see I used the macro you showed quite frequently. But it became my own personal choice to have two separate macro's in MoP.

    Forth - I dunno why Matlafous, but I enjoy having separate Abilities, I have a feeling of more control over my character and in arena situations change constantly. Unless you mean using Modifier Macro's.

    Hmm guess i wasn't paying attention. The arena footage in my video (CC like a boss!!) was just random footage.. Since the start of MoP I've played Arena constantly.. Constantly trying to Improve..
    Well control.. At the start of this Expansion all we have is our control. We don't do much damage outside of Shadow Dance and/or Shadow Blades.
    Again the last part about stacking CC, i already know all this, again you can see if you watch my Cata Movie Extreme Rogue CC where i fight multiple opponents, It may be a Cata movie, but it proves i know how to use my Cd's and cc wisely.

    I appreciate the post you made for my thread Matlafous, But i felt like you are trying to under-mind me and people reading this Thread might get the wrong impression about what you've wrote.
    Although i understand if this was not you're intention

    Thanks, Ninjacoll
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjacoll View Post
    I appreciate the post you made for my thread Matlafous, But i felt like you are trying to under-mind me and people reading this Thread might get the wrong impression about what you've wrote.
    Although i understand if this was not you're intention

    Thanks, Ninjacoll
    I've posted stuff I've done before, and it's easy to feel like even constructive criticism is harsh. Speaking as a 3rd party here, it doesn't look to me like he's undermining or being overly negative, just pointing out some stuff. It was a nice video, and like a few other people here, I really like the stopwatch part! Just don't get overly angsty if people offer corrections, criticisms, or other non-positive feedback. It comes with the territory of putting your work out there, and most people aren't trying to be mean, just helpful.

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    Yea I understand what you're saying Discoepfeand, He wasn't wrong in anything he said. I really enjoy this website and the community it has, people are always willing to help out or give their views on a subject.

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    Just Uploaded another video, MoP 5.2 Sap-Garrote Opener (Paralytic Usage Tricks).
    This is another Basic guide to do Sap Openers and abit about Paralytic Poison for New Rogues.


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    For Ninjacoll.....

    Yes, I am sorry, I did not try to under-mind you or even disgrace you, I was just trying to clean up your video and make your post more "complete"....i was wrong...

    For DR, seems like I was wrong....For my defence I did not play WoW almost 2 months ( i know, weak defence) , resubing in about week...

    For macros it is like opinion, everybody have one (or many), i was just posting one of mine and did not know You already posted in video...

    For videos, I watched only latest of your videos ( wanted to learn something)-CC one and pvp one- so, well, did not know you posted "advanced" video from arena, even it was from cata.....

    Seems like we disagreed, but that is ok, as long You play rogue, i can not hate you ( switch to DK and you are dead man).....
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    Thanks for the Reply, Matlafous, It's very honorable of you.
    There's a new vide up on my Channel (5.1 MoP) Rogue 1v2 Arena if anyone is interested.

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    Saw it, good video for fun....

    How much you tanked with MMR in 2s for this video? Those oponents where there just clueless or careless

    Finally resubbed and have to say, sub is good after 5.1, huge change from assa pvp....
    Try to get some 3vs3, want to see you "in action"....

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