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    Very earliest have to be back in Vanilla, where i created my very 1st toon, an Troll shaman.

    Ran around clicking the Guards "Lok'tar friend, what is it ure wish", "lok'tar Ogar*, "Blood and Thunder* etc etc.

    It gave me the epic feeling of a whole world, with warcraft <3
    The music, the sound when running, hitting, shooting LBs and stuff. It was EPIC!
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    When my bro and I were making our first characters I sat at the loading screen for about 20mins trying to come up with something cool that wasn't already taken, and him getting grumpy with me for taking so long.

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    Finding out i actualy could learn spell on my Lvl 16 Orc Shaman

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    Way back in the original beta. I was playing an MMO called Shadowsbane at the time and the city that I belonged to was on an island covered in snow. When I got the WoW beta invite I created a dwarf hunter and I remember the first time I logged in just being totally blown away by the graphics and detail of the world compared to Shadowsbane. Everything from the detail of the trees to the way light reflected off of the snow. I seriously spent 10 min. just running around listening to the crunch sound walking on snow made.

    It was only a weekend beta at that time so after spending every free moment I had in WoW, I was bummed when I could not log in anymore. Logged into Shadowsbane and looked around at the flat white landscape with the same triangle shaped tree copy-pasted all over and promptly logged back out and uninstalled the game.

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    About 7 years ago being a level 5 paladin and thinking holy light was amazing, my paladin's name was also Azeroth...... this was before I'd even looked at the game map and had no idea about the name of the planet lol, I just remembered the name Asteroth and thought something similar would be cool.
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    First memory: Nov 05 coming from Lineage 2 wich i played for 4-5 years.

    In that game the only quest you did (later on) was for 3th class > noblesse and sublcass (special quests).

    So i came to Wow, started grinding mobs till i reached 24 > i met a guy when i was level 5 and later on he asked me why i was still 24 (he was 54)

    Told him the grind was a pain in the butt, so he asked me a few questions and said: LOL u not doing quests?

    I didnt know that gave alot of XP, wasnt used to that in Lineage2 > started doing quests and since then went up much faster.

    Still LOL about this today
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    Farming Basilisk in STV because I read up from Thottbot (the Vanilla 'Wowhead') that they drop a trinket & trinkets were the only equipment slot my Warrior back then was missing.
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    My earliest WoW memory is leveling a Tauren warrior (my first character) in Mulgore, in spring 2006. Brand new world with new adventures... I was like whoa. Weather effects, big green fields surrounded by mountains and stuff. And then a lvl 6 prairie wolf agroed and it was time for a first GY run. Btw, I recall back then basic campfire required flint and tinder hehehe.
    Good memories.
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    I was on the server Darkmoon Faire, as a low level (Level 9 - 11) Paladin, and I was invited to a guild by a few people in the General Chat. I accepted the invite, and the Guild Paladin Class Leader came to visit me in Goldshire, and offered to help me with some quests in Westfall.

    He escorted me through to Westfall, where he started to just kill everything within sight, it was amazing. Immediately, I wanted to be level 60, so he offered to have the Guild Blacksmith make me some powerful armour to help me level faster.

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    My earliest encounter with WoW was my cousin letting me level herbalism for him. He said "if you get attacked, click 1, 2, 3, then 1 again" as he left me there. He was a troll, it was in the Barrens.

    My personal memory was when my brother took me to Gnomeregan for the first time. Somehow, my brain got tricked into thinking that the Tram in Stormwind was actually the entrance to Gnomeregan, and I thought this for many years until I realized it's not right. I remember saying "why can't more places be like this, I want more blues all the time".

    Good times.
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