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    Would you volunteer to be a human political 'prop'?

    I notice that it seems like nowadays it is very common for politicians to use supposedly average people as a backdrop when making speeches. Both sides practice this, using these 'human props' to try and create a connection with their target audience. To me this is just another symptom of what is wrong with our system of politics (in the US), because all we get are slogans and stagecraft instead of a legitimate informative debate. When you watch supposed 'experts' go on political talk shows, all they do is endlessly repeat party authorized talking points. In a sense all of these actors in the supposed political process are 'human props', and their purpose is to form a barricade which blocks the public from having access to the real power which exists behind the scenes. In the end, everything comes down to a fight over money and power, and anyone who just blindly accepts the talking points of either political party is just turning themselves into another human prop in the background of somebody else's ambition.
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    No. I wouldn't mind being paid for it though.
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    Well if I went over to these political speeches, I wouldn't see the problem with standing behind the speaker if it meant more people would vote for him. Assuming I agree with said speaker of course.

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    Yea, why not.. the voting system is flawed anyway. Everyone getting one vote is not the best way to do things because 90% don't know what theyre voting for anyway.

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    Yes, on the condition that I get paid for it.
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    I would only volunteer if I agreed with the party holding the rally, otherwise I wouldnt do it no matter how much I was paid.

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    as a background "average joe" spectator i wouldn't volunteer, but i suppose i could be persuaded (are there snacks? coffee?). but as a "joe the plumber" type of bullshitfest? no thank you... unless there was a LOT of money coming my way

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    I was one once in Highschool for the state Secretary of Education, we were conscripted and told to sit politely and not say anything.

    She asked for questions and I had one related to the supposed SAT improving programs and it not being able to run on our Apple IIe's and 286 systems.

    One of my teacher told me later that I "really broke it off in them" saying that. We got upgraded systems by the end of the week.

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