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    Nostalgia is something inherent in all of us. If you claim you've never looked back with fond memories of a time in your life you thought was better than the present I would call you a liar. We all think of the past good times so if people want it that's fine I personally would rather a tbc model than a vanilla.
    Some of us do realize nostalgia is worn with rose tinted glasses without reliving nostalgia. I tried to play Dune 2 the other day... it was a great game back in its time but nowadays it is simply archaic, and has too many quirks a modern RTS doesn't have. We tend to forget the bad, and remember the good, else we would live in greater pain in relation to the past. Those who realize that in the context of vanilla WoW, will tend to find the "vanilla WoW was teh shit, WoW sucks now" ignorant and one-sided. Now, we have a fellow who who is so sick of these comments he wants to have them "removed from WoW" (if you take the comment 100% serious) and you're blabbering he doesn't understand nostalgia?
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    I would remove the playerbase, haha.

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    After trying hard to think of something, with no luck, I looked through the first ten pages and could only find Mob Tagging to really dislike. Remove that and let all get quest credit for kills, loot can either be random for each person or the one doing most damage gets loot.

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    Season 13 pvp gear becouse its so damn ugly -.-

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    One thing?

    Flying Mounts.

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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Why does Ghostcrawler hate paladins?
    A ret paladin killed his parents.

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    CRZ where there are raremobs, like TLPD :<

    Thank you Shyama <3
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    Quote Originally Posted by Axehandle View Post
    Since its launch over 8 years ago WoW has grown not only in fanbase but in features. Many from other games but a few that wow has made its own. Some of these features have been welcomed with open arms while others are still scorned and detested by the community.

    So if you could remove 1 feature from the current state of WoW that you believe would improve the game what would it be? example, lfr, lfd, pet battles, BE's, etc
    Either cross-realm, or LFR. It's not because people see the stuff, it's because they try to enter raids and fail miserably because they don't grasp the concept of not standing in shit, not switching targets every 5 seconds, or not staying on a certain platform that magically disappears. Cross-realm/lfr has unfortunately had a major impact on attitude towards the game and it just needs to be erased from time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Uggorthaholy View Post
    Thanks but no thanks, Lora, for making me question everything in existence forever.
    Quote Originally Posted by Damajin View Post
    Yes but then again I believe in both the rational and irrational, and definitely think there's more to existence than just this life. People don't have to like it or agree and I don't have to care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phasma View Post
    Druids. The only class that can be everything in the game and be the best at a particular role. What is that?
    WAT? I'm guessing from this that you haven't played boomkin in arena, feral in pve, or resto in....well anything this expac.

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    PvP gear. And then remove Arena.
    If you want to fight, and you want to be strong while doing it, then kill bosses and get loot.
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    the terrible class design that started with cataclysm.

    close 2nd would be lfr.

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    CRZ = Gone! (At least on PvE/RP realms)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crummy View Post
    PvP gear. And then remove Arena.
    If you want to fight, and you want to be strong while doing it, then kill bosses and get loot.
    Rather than killing the adventurers who are capable of killing said bosses? That sounds like more of an accomplishment to me and I don't even PVP. Just using your logic.

    "Hey. Jim can kill a dragon. Yeah? Well I can kill Jim!" *spectators awe*
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilly32 View Post
    If you dont PvP then you have already removed it.
    That may be so, and maybe I am speaking out of frustration for the "Prove Alliance superiority to Wrathion" PVE quest chain where you're being forced to PvP in order to progress and obtain the socketing item; but try PvP in other games, e.g. EVE Online... WoW, WoW's PvP is garbage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryngo Blackratchet View Post
    Rather than killing the adventurers who are capable of killing said bosses? That sounds like more of an accomplishment to me and I don't even PVP. Just using your logic.

    "Hey. Jim can kill a dragon. Yeah? Well I can kill Jim!" *spectators awe*
    Yeah your logic is more sound.

    You slay the dragonslayer but somehow the dragonslayer that can't beat you is better?

    Does not compute.

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    Maybe it's too late now, but I think unifying the playerbase could only be a good thing. The factions would still exist in the story, but the players wouldn't officially be part of them, they'd be adventurers. PvP would work the same, as those are just teams in skirmishes.

    All it would ultimately change for the gameplay is that everyone could play with everyone else. You could choose what you want and not have to worry about what your friends or guildmates may have already chosen for you.

    Story-wise, a whole host of options would be opened up. Three or more team battlegrounds. The blood elves could actually defect to the Alliance. The Forsaken could pursue their agenda without disrupting the players. The Alliance or Horde could actually be decimated, and new factions could grow to fill their place, not to mention new ones that could simply become their equals.

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    Or hit, it really doesn't matter but the effects of both need to be combined into one stat.

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