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    Too much CC in this game?

    Everywhere I go in a Battleground, I'm stuck in Crowd Controls more often than I can move around. Is Blizzard going crazy with all the CC they're giving to all the classes?

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    It's over the top atm, but blizzard has realized it and will hopefully tone it down. But on the other hand, you'll always be stuck in CC in battlegrounds.

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    First I didn't agree with the cyclone nerf (general nerf) but after sitting in CC 90% of the time versus a druid and warrior I got kinda frustrated. Though my partner wasn't really... let's say... skilled... so he didn't stop most CCs, but still I couldn't do that much.

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    Not that swifty is the best or that 2s are what the game is balanced around, but this video sums it up well. I mean come on, the guy starts crying.
    I've had longer matches with less progress (while gearing up).

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    Personally, I believe the CC's need to be more globalized in DR.
    For instance: CC's such as Cyclone, Poly, Fear, etc should all share DR. The spammable ones.
    Stuns should all share DR with each other. There really is too much CC. Some of it is stoppable and some isn't realistically stoppable. Thankfulyl, some of it is getting nerfed. I hope they look at it closely for 5.2 though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptUntsAhts View Post
    Stuns should all share DR with each other.
    They do.

    Also, globalized DR = bad. Less spammable/instant CC = good.

    If nearly all CC's share the same DR, CC chains would be a thing of the past which would drastically reduce skillcap. Comps like MLS, RMP, thugcleave, Talbadar cleave - all work because of the CC chains that can be put on the healers. (and they have crazy burst)

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