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    [Other] Doctor Who Presentation


    I have a presentation about Doctor Who on Wednesday. I'm almost finished, but I'd like to add a section where I can show my class how famous it is.. for example references about it even in World of Warcraft (Enchant River's Song & Supersonic Screwdriver). I live in Germany and nobody knows Doctor Who here, so I want to show them that it belongs to british/american(?) culture.
    Sorry for my bad english, it's 12am, I'm preparing my presentation and I'm tired as hell.

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    There's not many references to Doctor Who in WoW (other than those you've already mentioned, and maybe your bags obviously being much bigger on the inside than the outside ).

    But this en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Doctor_Who_parodies (can't post links yet) seems to have lots that you could use.

    GL with the presentation!

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    Every Nerd in the USA either loves or hates Doctor Who.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gothicshark View Post
    Every Nerd in the USA either loves or hates Doctor Who.
    Or some of us just don't care either way?

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    It´s a pitty only a few people know Doctor Who here in germany. There are some reference in simpsons episode, (should be listed in wikipedia for doctor who). Hope that helps.

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    [...]even in World of Warcraft (Enchant River's Song [...]
    I never noticed that >.>
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wylectra View Post
    I live in Germany and nobody knows Doctor Who here
    Say what? Pretty much everyone on my nerd-circle knows Dr. Who. I'm personally not a big fan, though.
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    Don't quote me on this, but i'm almost certain I read somewhere that the concept of a Dalek was concieved post world war 2, with the threat of the Nazi's being similar to that of the Daleks in the fact that they believed in supremacy and the "pure", as well as the fact that germany was very technologically advanced in ww2, similar to how the Daleks were pretty bullshit OP.
    This is further referenced in the genesis of the Daleks, where all Kaleds have black hair, whereas the Thals ( the other near human race on Skaro) were blonde haired and blue eyed

    you could talk about that, not sure about Nazi taboos in Germany nowadays, but what I have said is absolute gold presentation wise, the war eventually lead to one of the greatest and most iconic television enemy of all time.

    Edit: I found it after spending 5 minutes searching through wikipedia, direct quote -

    "Terry Nation ( guy who thought up the daleks) grew up during World War II, and remembered the fear caused by German bombings. He consciously based the Daleks on the Nazis, conceiving the species as faceless, authoritarian figures dedicated to conquest and complete conformity.[60] The allusion is most obvious in the Dalek stories penned by Nation, in particular The Dalek Invasion of Earth (1964) and Genesis of the Daleks (1975).[61][62][63]"

    Just shows how much I absolutely love doctor who, I remembered reading that a few years back and pretty much nailed it on the head with what I said above.
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