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    Statistics Research Project

    Hey I am doing research for a project in my statistics class and I was wondering if anyone would answer two questions. When the results are posted for my project I will not be putting in any names of toons or otherwise just the answers to the questions. The first question is are you Male or Female in RL? The second question is when you play WOW do you play (mainly) same sex or opposite sex toons? Thanks ahead of time for anyone who answers.

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    To get people started I am a male in RL and i play mostly female characters.

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    When we get these stupid poll threads we at least get a fancy website to put our choices into.

    I am disappointed.

    Male and Male.

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    Add a poll to get consistent results, and I think you might be able to find larger samples by searching the internet. Those will be larger and more likely to pass a significance test. These forums are likely to provide only a small number of answers before the post gets buried.

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