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    Thumbs up [H] 16/16N 4/16HM <Satiated> US-Blackrock Recruiting Warlock/Hunter

    Satiated has a history dating back to The Burning Crusade. The guild name has evolved through expansions and has remained to be competitive in endgame raiding in the years we have existed. We have a strong emphasis on PvE content and strive for solid progression.

    16/16 Normal 4/16 HM 10 man
    Raid times are Tues, Wed, Thurs, 8pm - 12am server (PST).

    • Warlock
    • Hunter

    Exceptional players of all classes encouraged to apply.

    We do not loot council instead we work as a group to make sure that everyone is getting what they need. Players are expected to vocalize their gearing needs so the group can work together for the betterment of progression.
    That being said, all new recruits go through a honeymoon phase with us to ensure quailty and skill. You may be asked to pass on gear depending on raid needs.

    Core group is proving fast progression with nine members we are currently recruiting one Ranged DPS spot with %5 Spell damage debuff. We intend to fill this spot with a raider who wants to join a long standing core group of players with a common goal. Dead bosses and purple loot.

    Raiders are expected to show up on time with anything that they may need for the night. They must have proper gems, enchants, reforges, and know their class well enough to maximize their dps.

    Please apply at

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    We like long walks on the beach, lock cookies, and 5% spell damage debuffs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leftastic View Post
    We like long walks on the beach, lock cookies, and 5% spell damage debuffs.
    This coming from a fat chicken. Could be worse, he could be a fat panda chicken.

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    We are raiding tonight and will be taking a casual guildie but if you wanted to transfer today we can get you in tonight. Post an app. lets find happiness.

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    Sorry guys. i was just made aware that our application page was buggy. it has now been updated. Look forward to hearing from you guys.

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