Triple Pow is currently looking to add a couple exceptional raiders to our core 10 as we continue hard mode progression in MOP. We are currently 9/16 Heroics 16/16 norm. Our raid hours are tue-thur occasional sunday 7:30-11pm CST. We are pushing heroic content with a hardcore mentality and are only seeking exceptional applicants.

Our current recruitment needs are as follows:

1 TANK- Warrior, Feral w/ strong dps off spec - (must be vocal and communicate well in vent)

1 DPS - DK,Rogue,Hunter,Enhance. Must be capable and willing to play all DPS specs when needed. Please have good logs

Our current requirements for joining are as follows:

-At this point in the tier we can not afford to take on any projects. Please be geared 492+ with at least 2 piece and have good logs.
-Properly forged,gemmed and chanted. Bad forging/gemming will get your app. deleted.
-100% raid attendance(or close to it), as we are a 10man guild
-Extensive knowledge of your class. For DPS this means being able to excel at *all specs* of your class.

Please get a hold of dancemusic,zonedx,denoz or korion on illidan in game or realid request Zoned#1884. You can also apply directly at