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    What totems can a non-shaman get? (like totem of spirits etc)

    I've finally gotten round to making a Troll character and I want to get all the spawnable totem-quest items that you can use outside of the quest area. I know there's the totem of spirits from shadowmoon valley but are there any others I don't know about? I seem to remember one from dustwallow marsh?

    I know you can get:

    Totem of Spirits from Shadowmoon
    Cleansing Totem from Durotar
    Yaungol Totem from Townlong Steppes

    What else? I'm pretty sure there were several of the Wc3-style wards.
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    Totem of Goldrinn/Lo'Gosh come to mind. Tonga's Totem and Totem of Freedom.

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    You misunderstand, I was talking about the items that actually spawn a totem.
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