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    [H]<Epitome> 10m - 6/16H - LF Resto/Boomkin

    We are looking for a quality resto/boomkin druid capable of playing both specs at a high level.

    We like to keep things simple and to the point; 10m progression. We are currently 6/16 heroic. We can fill you in on our long history and accomplishments once we connect.
    Most of our members are professional adults with families and employment obligations, thus we try to balance real life commitments with guild objectives.

    We hold our progression and skill above all other factors of the game, and make it a point to do what other guilds do in less time. Thus, we are looking for talent and performance over gear.

    We raid Tues, Wed, Sun 9-12pm EST


    You can also reach me in game: Spam, Mizab, Gumbeaux

    RealID: gscoffey[at]yahoo[dot]com
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    Bumpity bump bump.

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    Updating post ... looking for resto/boomkin druid

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