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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeraxis View Post
    People must not remember that they now can also award 476 gear as well. I have outfitted a few alts using them to reach an ilevel high enough for the second tier of LFR.
    To a degree that wasn't what they were really meant for though. I could be wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brash View Post
    The player-base seems to expect more from these scenarios than what they are, group quests.
    Except they don't fit the bill as group quests.

    Group quests generally provide(d) decent one-time upgrades as well as a decent amount of experience making them worth the while. By placing them at level cap, the XP is pointless, and only Arena actually has a quest providing an upgrade.

    What they *did* give scenarios, was an incentive to randomly repeat them to the exclusion of singling them out for fun. ie... NO reward from queueing for specific scenarios, and 15 guild challenges each week which require just as many guildmembers as a dungeon.

    By removing the 'quest' from the quest, they just end up feeling like dungeons without the loot.

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    i really like them. with my mage got easy acces to some nice gear gear and was able to jump in hc's fast , tho only did a few hc's and was able to join LFR short after.

    but after that the rewards were useless and stopped doing them.

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    Absolutely no reason at all for them been lvl 90 content. I don't really follow lore, but most of them seem relevant at 85-89. Green stone village one would have been perfect for a level 85-86 as it takes place in Jade forest. Made no sense at all for it to be lvl 90, would also ease the dungeon spam from 85-90 as you get 2 dungeons, per 2 levels and they just get stale, quickly. Add a level specific scenario in there every level and you got a nice balance.
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    I feel like what scenarios need is a solid reward system instead of a random loot chest and valor points. I think Blizzard did say you'll be able to earn lesser charms through them at some point, maybe, if it proves a viable avenue.

    What I think scenarios need is a niche. Some void they can fill either between reaching the level cap and getting into heroics or daily quests from faction NPCs to run certain scenarios for reputation gains. I'm not saying they have to be dailies or we need more stuff to do on a daily basis but for the sake of argument I feel like Scenarios are missing what defines their place. Leveling up gets you into dungeons, dungeons gear you for heroics, Heroics gear you for raids and each raid gears you for the next tier of difficulty, etc. I just feel like scenarios as a whole can be just skipped over with no unique rewards with other ways to get gear and valor points.

    For example, just one stupid idea, you're looking to improve your standing with the Shado-Pan, so each day one of the quest givers ask you to run the Brewmoon festival or Greenstone Village scenarios to defend them on behalf of the Shado Pan. Want some August Celestials rep? Then run the Arena of Annihilation scenario. Or the chest can randomly spawn some other fun stuff. Potions, flasks, reputation item (use it to gain X reputation with Y), uncut gems, ore, herbs, etc.

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    I think Raids are wasted development time.

    Since 75% of the people never do them on normal mode.

    I also think Farming is wasted development time since 70% of the players are not even interested.

    I certainly see Arenas as wasted development time since 90% of the players never do them.


    I could go on for many many pages ...

    See OP ? That's called a rather stupid argument.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lastlivingsoul View Post

    Transmog gear, Rare Mounts, Hidden Pets, Or even Rep Tokens, Valor Points, (Elder Fortune Tokens)

    If they were smart they'd do all of these at once.

    SOMETHING to make it a practical alternative to dailys.
    I would take away elder coins or more Valor point that they already give. For the rest, i like it


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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildmoon View Post
    They are nice addition to the game. Blizzard just need to improve reward a bit more.
    This, pretty much. I think there also needs to be some sort of reward when choosing an individual scenario rather than a random.

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    They should be tuned for lower level, for rounding off a quest chain in a zone. Or flat replace low level dungeons, which would drastically reduce queue times (i.e. retune the 5 mans for 3 man). Low level dungeons don't prepare people at all for end game already, so you may as well remove some of the pain.

    Not to mention Scenerios now feel weird. Why not have them playable while leveling in Pandaria, remove 5 man normals (because let's be honest, there's so few that leveling in dungeons is horrible now - you only get 2 dungeons at 85 and 86, and then only another 2 for 87 to 89? Big bleh. Then you can have 5 mans tuned the same as current heroic but remove the name 'heroic' (since its a bit confusing that 5 mans share a man with hard-mode raiding).

    Thus it will look more like this:

    85-87 - Theramore's Fall, Greenstone Village, Brewing Storm
    86-88 - Unga Ingoo, Brewmoon Festival
    88-89 - Arena of Annihiliation, Assault on Zan'vess, Crypt of Forgotten Kings

    Have them all reward bags that potentially have level-specific gear in them.

    And then at level 90 you get all of them again retuned for level 90, along with the two faction scenerios. And they should offer a semi-decent weapon as a reward for completing all of the scenerios at level 90.

    Job done.

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    I did everyone of them once and didn't go back.
    For me they are a waste of time and effort as they stand now.
    But I believe there are players who like them, so......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redsparrow View Post
    i did all the scenarios once, on a saturday. then i did them again on a Saturday. then i did them again on a Saturday. now, no reason to ever go back
    Fixed! :-)

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    Scenarios are just another way of doing content other than raid.

    Some people need to wake up and smell the roses, the days where WoW was strict "Raid or GTFO" are over. The VAST majority of players want content besides raiding and most MMO developers get this. Now finally Blizzard does too, based on the numbers.

    For a loooooooong time WoW was all about progress, farm, next tier, progress, farm ... ... ... This is NOT what "most" players want anymore, and by most I mean the majority of the playerbase, based on the numbers. This is not something I make up, mind you.

    I get that some hardocre raiders just want more raids, but isn't that boring content aswell? I mean, you enter and kill the same boss over and over and over. Where the difference between this and doin a Scenario or Dungeon over and over (except from the time invested of course)?

    An MMO is all about playing in an environment populated by other players. It doesn't explicit mean that you HAVE to group with them. Fact is that some like to play WoW like any other single player game while some enjoy it it mostly for the grouping. Personally I love that WoW is becoming more than just "log in, raid, log out, log alt".

    Content is for everyone, hard modes and challenges might not be, but we all pay to play, so all should be allowed to experience content. That is why I love LFR even though it's mostly insanely easy. I raided 4 times a week from Vanilla to Cata but this new concept suits me WAY more. If I want I can go hardcore and do HMs, but I can still enjoy content from the LFR...

    Long story short, I think Blizzard is moving in the right direction


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    Personally I enjoy the scenarios every now and then...especially now during the Test of Valor quest...
    I run th LFR's and then I do one heroic and one scenario each day, which easily brings me to valor cap. Besides that I actually enjoy them... they're short and sweet and you can even do them while being queued for LFR for instance.
    Last week average queue time was around 35 minutes and while staying queued I managed to get 3 scenarios in... really, really cool. Expect and hope they're here to stay...

    Besides that, the rewards aren't bad as some would have you believe...
    Heroics award 80 VP (or 40 for every next one each day) and scenarios award 40 VP (and 20 or an consecutive).
    COnsidering scenarios take between 5-10 minutes and heroics between 15-20 the rewards are fine as it is...

    For gear you pretty mnuch soon run out of reasons to run them but for valor or a quick pastime it's super.
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    Complete waste of time. They aren't fun at all and the loot is garbage. The only reason I'd ever do them is if I need a little extra valor.

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    The one real downside to scenarios that I can see for Blizz is that they make different ones for each faction.

    I wonder how popular they are because they don't seem like it to me. Blizz must have wanted to try to make instances where tanks and healers aren't necessary, but they'd have to change the gameplay more to make scenarios replayable. They have the right idea. I just don't think that they can make a lasting game without tanks and healers.

    Story development is best saved for quests IMO. There no one misses anything. Instances should mostly be about gameplay.

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    I enjoy them, neat addition imo. Another way to fill out some gear slots on new 90s. Good for the quick valor, as well.

    I also like that I can just grab 2 friends of any spec or class and just go do it. They're fun to do with friends.
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    No. It is a new system and is bound to be improved in the future. I'm not happy with how they are now, but they'll do!

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    I like the fact it provides me a way to earn valor without spending time in a very long dungeon queue (as a DPS). And they're all faceroll and pretty quick so as a means to an end I find them... efficient. Don't know if I'd call them fun.

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    When I first heard about scenarios I was really excited. Because in german "Szenario" means that your decisions affect the further storyline. Do this and A happens, do that and B happens. It would have been cool if the story was driven by our decisions even with the chance to fail. I miss the chance to fail in most new content. And I miss the moment of surprise. These moments where the tank pulls several groups of trash and leaves, so that the group has to show leet kiting, CCing and healing skillz to survive. That´s fun! :-)

    But then... I played the beer scenario early in the morning. It was really weird and fun to defend my beer right after breakfast. ^^

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