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    Why were High end arena players in TBC so elitist(even more so than now)

    Tons of High rated arena players would always be like:Lol Challenger, lol nice s2 shoulders scrub(During Season 3 when you had to get 1800 rating which at that time was like 2200 now), Lol nice 1800 ratings, etc. etc.

    why is this?

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    I can't really remember people being like that, then again, I was one of the very few top players on my own realm back then, but I suppose some realms just have more elitists then others... *cough* outland and stormscale.

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    kids are kids, if you think the pvp epeen is bad on this game go play a fps on a public server.

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    Arenas were new then, so they got to be the FIRST of the elite.

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    Back then wow was legitimately an esport, so people who play it now and then are different types of people. Those competitive types moved onto things like dota and sc2, or real life/college.

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    You get Elitists in all games, ever played CS?

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    i don't remember players being more elitist in bc. in fact i think people have gotten even more elitist as the arena metagame has gotten more complicated.

    plus evverrryone was bad in bc.
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    I knew some very good pvp players in tbc and they weren't elitist at all. 7/7 Mythic EN / 3/3 Mythic ToV / 10/10 Mythic NH / 9/9 Mythic ToS some old school CM fun
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    Exact same reason that people who raid are like *lol LFR/Heroics*

    They feel they have achieved something and so feel better than most others.

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    The challenger title is still laughed at. Really it's a game and people just like to talk trash in it, I see this type of stuff all the time in trade chat.

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    The PvP community was excellent in TBC, especially compared to now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rec View Post
    The PvP community was excellent in TBC, especially compared to now.
    If nothing else, there was far less win-trading going on and that which occurred was far less obvious.
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    Because TBC marked the introduction of Arenas and WoW starting to get broadcasted tournaments.

    They got a chip on their shoulder because the expansion made them feel special, like they were important enough to focus on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thassarian View Post
    If nothing else, there was far less win-trading going on and that which occurred was far less obvious.
    What? There were massive amounts of wintrading going on. Especially since the rating system kind of encouraged it.

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    lol all it is is people talking trash. Competitive people like to do that. Get over it.

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    It's worse today as far as I'm concerned, it's septic and funny at the same time, some of the top players are hilarious to watch and listen to, I bet they don't even realize how stupid they look and sound when they "trash talk", the level of immaturity is astounding sometimes.

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    Same as now tbh.
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    S3 shoulders required 2k rating. Weapon was 1850. During season 3 that is.

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    Same as now, and because they want to differentiate themselves from players only just slightly worse than them by using an arbitrary line to magnify the gap.

    Just respond with the fact that they're not 2600 yet, and you can draw lines too.
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    I remember them pricks back in TBC. I loved to duel them.

    I played a feral druid and I PvPed in a mixture of Tier 4, Sunwell Badge gear, some odds and ends I had put together and a PvP trinket (still never managed to get me two of "The 2-Ring" to finish the set though).

    I loved it, I had maybe 35 resilience dueling these full brutal geared e-dicks and handing them their asses to them over and over again. My favorite was this full brutal geared, 2200 ranked, discipline priest. It would be a 6 minute duel followed by 6 minutes of watching him bitch and calling feral overpowered follewed by another 6 minute duel and so on. Spent over an hour doing this before he finally gave up trying to duel.

    I personally hated arena though, I only played when my friends were short on games. It seemed so dull to me, the second I saw the other team I could already see how the whole match played out unless someone didn't listen. Also helped my friend in 2s as a feral/rogue, still bored the crap out of us, but was fun destroying the resto/warrior combos back then, just stealth around till we caught the resto druid and then burned him down in a CC chain between our intro's (I pounce, he garrote) his kidney shot, my maim and cyclone.

    Best sport I even had in a duel was a full brutal warrior, ended the fight with him dead with 100 rage and I still had about 90% life. Was a good sport about it but said he felt kinda bad to be dead and still have full rage.

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