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    Healing/Smiting macro

    Hey guys, first off, happy new year to all of you

    I have a rather easy question I think. I´m using Atonement heal a lot and want to simplify that a bit with a macro. Here I need your help, because I´m to dumb to make it ^^

    I want my Smite button to do a Greater Heal if I have a friendly player targetted and if possible an not to complicated a Holy Fire when off cd. Don´t know if this is a good solution and possible, but I want to get rid of some keybindings

    Hope someone can help me, thank you!


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    #showtooltip <ofsomethingyouwanttotrack>
    /cast [harm]Smite
    /cast [noharm]Greater Heal

    You can use that for all your heals/damaging spells like renew/swp, pws/swd, pom/holy fire - but it might take some time to get used to it due to having "auto self cast" enabeled for several years.

    Sadly you can't check for conditions like "if of cooldown cast holy fire" you could only create either a cast sequence like "holy fire, smite, smite, smite" which resets after some seconds when you don't hit the macro but you'll delay it quite a bit if you hit another button in between or you can use a castrandom macro but that won't guarantee the cast of holy fire even if you place it in there several times like "holy fire, holy fire, holy fire, smite" but it's not working properly/smooth with spells having a cooldown because once it's chooses holy fire while that's on cooldown it tries to cast it until it's ready again.
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    This is the macro I use on my shaman

    /use [harm] Lightning Bolt;[noharm] Healing Wave

    for you that should be

    /use [harm] Smite;[noharm] Greater Heal

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    just adding #showtooltip Holy Fire will let you track the cd on holy fire, it wont be an issue not seeing the other two spells as neither has a cooldown.

    #showtooltip Holy Fire
    /cast [target=mouseover,exists,harm] Holy Fire; Smite
    /cast [target=mouseover,exists,help] Greater Heal

    Not sure if the holy fire+smite bit is correct but this will let you use mouseovers as well, using HF if not on cd and smite otherwise against hostiles, and GH against friendlys

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    Uuuh that was fast Thank you very much, that looks not so complicated at all. And klausistklaus, that´s a very nice idea, sooo simple xD

    One more question... Maybe too simple, but is something like this possible? So that first Holy Fire is cast (or not if on cd) and then Smite? Assumed the lines are being processed in sequence.

    #showtooltip <OneButtonSmashToolTip>
    /cast [harm]Holy Fire
    /cast [harm]Smite
    /cast [noharm]Greater Heal

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    That won't work, you'll just get a "spell is on cooldown" error and the macro will stop. The only things you can do, as klausistklaus pointed out, are using a castsequence or a castrandom. Neither works perfectly, and they're not supposed to - Blizzard doesn't want you to use a one-button-spam rotation

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    Understandable ^^ To press two buttons is the smallest problem I will combine some of my healing spells like klaus mentioned and track my Holy Fire cd with Weak Auras like all other cds... thanks again, can´t wait to play with this stuff xD

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