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    Can you not cry on this?

    Happy new year everyone, let's be better people, better human beings.

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    Not a single tear was shed for this...

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    really? at least tell me you got touched

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    Yea, I didn't cry, mostly because happy things don't tend to make me cry. I'll cry if something sad happens though. It was a cute video.
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    Nope, not in the least. I smiled certainly but it was not nearly enough to make me cry.
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    I don't wanna watch because i don't wanna cry...
    Wow <3 Korra<3 Giants<3

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    No tears at all, but it was pretty cute.
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    Didn't cry instead it made me smile.

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    It is a beautiful message, but not enough to cry thanks anyway <3

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    No, I didn't cry. I smiled. I smiled real big. But I didn't cry. That's the kind of magic that I wish really did exist in this world.

    However, something like this did, and does, make me cry.

    Always love a happy ending, few as they may be.

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    i cried, because that's my reaction every time i see something in 240p

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    I didn't cry, but it was a sad video. For in the end we know that magic doesn't exist... quite sad.

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    It was cute, the presence of magic sort of ruined the moment and made it harder to relate to.
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    didn't touch me at all, crappy video.

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    Nice message, sharing is caring, but solidarity is not sharing, is it?

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    Cute video but no, no tears please.
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    The overall message is touching (no mantears though), left somewhat of a bittersweet impression.
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    Did not touch me, I got bored watching it really.
    Id like to know where I send my rebate card to get that 1min,30secs of my life back

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    Closing, no real point to the thread. We generally don't allow threads that are just to get people to watch a video with no real discussion about it.

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