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    New Year Resolution?

    We all know we never keep them, but do you have one?

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    Drink more.

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    I don't do new years resolution, because it feels completely pointless.

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    (I'm so sorry for making that horrible 'joke')

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    Damn was going to make a thread lol. I hit one of my resolutions there :P

    Anyways I have too many. Quit smoking and get healthy are my 2 biggest. The smoking one might be an issue that might impact the latter since I highly doubt I can get the other smokers in the household to go outside to smoke lol.

    For my diet though to help get fit I bought a MagicBullet and plan on going on a smoothie diet for a week to see how I feel. Will more than likely be a total complete prick for the first month or so since my body is about to go into one nasty shock.

    Edit: just realized this was in the wrong topic. My WoW resolution is to hit 225 mounts and then quit
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