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    I always enjoy reading the posts of the elitist jack-offs, who deem anyone daring to utter any dissatisfaction with the class to be "FOTM-legendary-dagger" rollers.

    People complain about our damage being too passive - name one time in the history of the class when it wasn't?
    Oh, I don't know. Subtlety in Cataclysm...?

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    Rogues are simply a difficult class to balance fairly.

    Most rogue gamers seem to forget the fact that the class is INVISIBLE which should come with considerable drawbacks.

    No one likes being killed by an enemy they cannot see. On the flip side, make rogues too powerful out of stealth and they will become obscenely overpowered.

    I have a rogue that I played for quite some time; I simply got boring of the linear playstyle of looking for the weakest target and killing them. Or, stunlocking someone to oblivion. Felt cheap and not fun at all after the first few days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blutelf View Post
    He is right in that rogue population has hugely dropped in LK and has stayed low ever since.

    IMO the reason for that is that rogues lost a lot of their 1v1 stunlock power with WOTLK. Rogues are the only melee pure DPS class, which makes them more frustrating to play in PVE and PVP if you cant control your enemy (also stealth was still -%move speed back then). Hunters, Locks, and Mages have never had the problem of being too weak in PVE leveling.

    I know there's still tons of rogues around but they're just not being leveled.
    It's not so much that they balanced it that people were upset rogues couldn't burst someone down in a few seconds after stunlocking them.

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    in MY opinion... its mostly average rogue players complaining. they are used to and enjoy being 'op' and now they have to outsmart enemies they arent doing well with it..

    dont get me wrong, rogues do have their issues, but to the extent people are saying? absolutely not. not atall.

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    I hope that when they do change/revamp rogues they wont overdo it. I am quite happy with how my rogue plays out right now. I dont need to have 3 specs, hell I even hate having to switch to combat just for garalon hc and fights like that. If I were to complain about things on my rogue it would be the new talents and glyphs because except for shadowstep they are all boring as duck. Yes there is no real cookie cutter build anymore but guess what, I liked my cookie cutter talents and the freedom to choose them.
    And also I want to be able to outdps other classes more easily because every other class has the exact same wish. thank you santa blizzard

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    So we took a left turn at wording the argument and took a drive down "attack people, not their discussion" avenue, and then we arrived at Thread-Lock bridge.

    If you really want to discuss the twitter comments, we can do that in another thread. If you want to talk about the state of rogues -- there are plenty of threads for that already. If you want to attack people, please get off these forums.

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