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    PvP Trinkets for Humans Engineers

    So, i'm a Human Rogue and Engineer and i have a problem, i don't know what trinkets to use...
    Here is the issue:
    I'm a engineer, so my gloves enchant share a small CD with the ON use trinket, so, if i try to burst something in shadowdance for exemple, i can't use both de CDs, since they share a small CD, so, i was thinking, what if i used 2 proc PvP trinkets? one Dreadful and other Malevolent? So i tried, but the fact is, they share a CD too, they will never proc together since they share a CD, and some times, the trinket that gives less agility, proc firsts, so it is a waste of a trinket... So i was thinking, there is a good PvE trinket to use in PvP? Like relic of Xuen, or bottle of stars? Or the on use trinket from PvP is still Better? Is viable to have a Battlemaster trinket? Is it worth it?
    Discuss please.

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    In this situation, from what understand with other classes too, is that you should use the best PvE proc trinket you can get which yes would be like Xuen.

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    I think you'd be missing out on alot of passive pvp power.. you'd be walking away from 1300+ pvp power which is a large damage loss.

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    just use two insignias. They're not unique IIRC.

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    So ye using on use trinket puts your gloves on 30 sec cd or w/e , you can just use the gloves for some more damage and have your trinket ready again for dance anyway.

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    Use springs on opener and PvP trinket on burst or something. And then the proc one whenever it feels like proccing. They're more for the PvP power than they are the agility though.
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