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    I would love a similar tome in MoP. That would be awesome.

    Sadly, GC did say they don't want to do it.

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    If I had to hazard a guess, I would assume there will be a tome of flying for alts in 5.2 much the same way there was in 3.2. This gave everyone plenty of time to see all the scenery, get capped at 80, and start leveling their next 70 or DK. Honestly, I don't mind the ground mount til 90. I would love to see a tome for alts, but it's not a game breaker either way and I certainly won't miss them if they never come.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thatcrazypenguin View Post
    Heres an idea....I get why blizzard disabled flying until level 90 in mop, theyd created an entire new world and questlines to go with it and they didnt want people being able to skip content, they wanted everyone to experience all of it.

    But the problem is, when it comes to on now my 3rd alt to level through mop content, I have already seen it all on my main let alone doing any quests id missed before with my first why should I not be able to fly still to speed up the leveling process a bit? one of the things that makes alt leveling so tedious from 85-90 is the fact you have to ride/run everywhere so it takes a hell of a lot longer then it would do if you could quickly fly between quest npcs and the quest locations.

    So why not enable flying from 85 in mop for all those who have already had at least one character get to level 90? The argument of wanting people to experience content not skip it is kind of invalid after youve already done it once or even twice isnt it? and itd make the alt leveling process a lot less tedious!
    I am reasonably certain that GC has spoken on this, perhaps a review of the news might help you find what he said. With regard to LK you leveled in days, not hours... and truth told... you can easily get from 85 to 90 in 15 hours played.

    15 hrs to go from 85 to 90 isn't tedious, its a gift, a gift...

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    I would fully support the introduction of a tome or some sort of alternative.

    I have five level 90's now. I also have Explorer and Loremaster of Pandaria. I have seen all the landscape has to offer. A little more efficiency on other characters wouldn't hurt.

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    I would love such. I hate being stuck to my ground mount. To the point that, if it doesn't phase out, I'll use my other account to drag my leveling toon around.

    I HATE being stuck on the ground. It doesn't increase the fun in the slightest. Not .00000000000000000000000000000001%.

    Note: I do not pvp. I have toons that have never gotten a single HK. I even had a standing rule that if a friend got me an HK on my druid via being in group, the friendship would end. I consider PVP an abomination.

    As such: I do not play on PVP servers. So the whole ganking/world pvp bit has no relevance whatsoever.

    I've played for nearly 7 years (later this month) going back to 1.9 patch. I do not feel like flying was a mistake. I do not feel like riding on a slow ground mount brings ANY benefit to the game. Yes, I like being able to skip mobs. If I don't need that mob, why the hell would I want to have to kill it to get somewhere?

    I prefer being EFFICIENT in my leveling. Not having artificial difficulty or annoyance added. This game is meant to be FUN. Not annoying.

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