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    [arcane] need help improving dps (WoL included)

    hi fellow mages!

    i need some help improving my dps as i feel im doing to low.
    here is a log of my dps on Blade lord:

    Here is my armory link:

    i am using the scorch weaving haste build which feels real nice.
    Can you guys see from my logs and armory what i am doing wrong?

    please let me know if you need more info

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    Well you could start by putting jade spirit on your weapon and enchanting your bracers, as for your parse i dont see that much being wrong, your uptime of NT is just pretty low make sure it doesnt just run out just before/during unseen strikes. Also 43% uptime on RoP isnt good enough even though you wont have much uptime during P2. So basically all i can see is more NT, more RoP and enchant your gear.

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    i was under the impression that scorch weaving was for the mastery build and doesnt work too well in the haste build

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    You scorch weave with haste build as well you just need less scorches as your mana regen is better.

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    In both attempts you didn't use alter time at all, in the 6 minute attempt you used arcane power once, in the other attempt you didn't use it at all, I suggest reviewing the arcane sticky in this forum.

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    Upgrade the trinkets too. Splurge for the DMF relic and go for light of cosmos or essence of terror.

    Include scorch and stay at 6 charges. Only use barrage to cleave or when a boss is going to hide, like lei shi, or something similar

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