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  • Legacy of the Void

    3 1.08%
  • Diablo 3 Expansion

    24 8.60%
  • WoW Expansion

    102 36.56%
  • Project Titan

    137 49.10%
  • Legacy Title Remake

    3 1.08%
  • Other

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    Didn't they have an August Blizzcon one year? It'd make sense to put it then this year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Immitis View Post
    i have a feeling they might have blizzcon a little earlier this year. no proof or anything just a hunch.
    Good point. If they hold Blizzcon earlier, especially if they want to drop news about new WoW expansion, then they'd have plenty of time. I doubt it'd be much earlier though, since Blizzcon has ranged from early Aug, to late Oct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerraw View Post
    Didn't they have an August Blizzcon one year? It'd make sense to put it then this year.

    Dates according to Wikipedia:

    2005 October 28–29
    2007 August 3–4
    2008 October 10–11
    2009 August 21–22
    2010 October 22–23
    2011 October 21–22

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    I feel like I am the only one not excited almost at all about that titan game... Have a feeling it won't be something I would enjoy too much, rather have all that team work x3 more times on WoW instead :P

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    We deffinatly will see info about the next wow expansion at this years Blizzcon. Probably some stuff about D3 expansion and the next Starcraft expansion. I however doubt we will see anything at all about Titan. If they would do anything for Titan it would automatically become the only thing that most people at Blizzcon will talk about. Can't see them wanting the wow expac over shadowed that much.

    On the side topic of there being a patch 5.6, I'm not completely sold on that yet. A lot of people thought their would have been one more tier to Cataclysm, but they took the work they did on the War of the Ancients Raid and put it in a 5man and went with Deathwing in 4.3. For Pandaria we know that the Garrosh Raid will be the last raid and the Thunder King is 5.2. It is entirely possible that we can get 5.3 as story progression patch like 5.1 and get Garrosh as 5.4. I'd love for my hunch to be wrong and to get Garrosh as 5.6 with two story progression patches and a whole other raid before Garrosh.
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    Fingers crossed for Titan.

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    I'd like to find out what that Project Blackstone thing was all about.

    Voted for new WoW expansion again.

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    I think this year will be the year of Titan.

    Not only did they have a break from Blizzcon last year (so they want to do something BIG when Blizzcon makes a comeback) but Titan was slated to release in 2013 according to the leaked product slate and even if that slate has changed the time for at least an announcement has come.

    I don't think they will make a break from Blzzcon and make a comeback just announcing WoW xpack and D3 xpack.

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    Probably a WoW expansion. It would be interesting to see what they have been working on all this time and what they came up with. The big questions are will they add 5 levels or 10 levels [since we are now at an even number]. Aside from that speculation I think a Diablo III expansion would be an interesting reveal but it is highly unlikely since they are still working out the original version. Titan is the big thing to look forward to since it'll be the future generation of Blizzard's games.

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    A WoW expansion, and to the dismay and disappointment of all speculators saying it's gona be about the Legion, it will have absolutely nothing to do with the Legion whatsoever,.

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    SC2 HotS review, Diablo 3 early expansion announcement, a look at the Ogrimmar raid if it hasn't happened by then.

    Stop expecting or even wanting to see something about Titan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rs10 View Post
    Mate, if you want some more facts about Titan here is a Titan FAQ where most of the things we know about Titan is featured. As an example Titan is not just an MMO, it's now confirmed as being an MMORPG.
    I'd like to thank you for that link, been reading for hours, very interested in Titan, I've been saying for years on here that I didn't believe it was going to be a new IP.

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    I would really want a Diablo 3 Expansion announcement!

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    how could yall forget blizzard's allstar the new dota game
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    I hear people say bring War back to World of Warcraft, well how about bringing World back to World of Warcraft

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    Probably a D3 expansion, but I'm hoping for titan info.

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    I'd saw we are due news on a WoW expansion at the very least.
    I expect something to do with Diablo 3, and not necessarily an expansion.
    The Blizzard DOTA will likely get some limelight. Maybe just a 2 minutes trailer or something.

    As ever, I expect to hear absolutely nothing about Titan. That thing is just going to appear all of a sudden and end up wowing us all! Or, you know, all of us expect the ones that need to be displeased with absolutely everything...
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    New WoW expansion hopefully
    Wow <3 Korra<3 Giants<3

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    A good blizzard product would be nice for a change, something to re-earn my hope and faith in the entire company.

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    Titan is pretty much a given with what we know. They seem to be ready to start building up advertising for it as they recently had a job spot open for someone for lead. It's a know fact that companies only bring in an advertising team when they are preparing to show something off within the next few months. I expect their job over the next few months will be to build up a presentation for Blizzcon to show the game off. Titan will most certainly overshadow everything else but a lot of people will still be interested in the others.

    WoW expansion will also be on show, I expect it's already in early stages of development at the moment.

    D3 expansion will more than likely be on show as well.

    LotV won't be there, although i'm sure they will talk about some of the ideas they may implement in either LotV or future patches.

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    Prolly the new WoW expansion. They announced cataclysm during Ulduar in WOTLK, it seems about the same time as we are now in MoP.
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    Here is my guess. Summer Blizzcon this time around.

    Opening Ceremony will reveal the upcoming Diablo 3 expansion and the coming WoW expansion pack. The WoW expansion trailer will make a big deal of the new Character Creation feature. Blizzard will talk about how initially they were only going to upgrade to new models but they decided to bring it entirely up to modern standards with plenty of options.

    Starcraft 2 stuff will revolve around discussing how HOTS has done and their plans for Legacy of the Void, which will be after all Blizzard's last bite at the SC2 apple and the last major opportunity to set the game in stone in terms of units and gameplays.

    Closing Ceremony will prep us for the big surprise, their final announcement. Titan is revealed as Project Blackstone which will either be a superhero MMO, a post-apocalyptic MMO or a secret society MMO.

    On a side note, considering the WoW expansion, the excitement starts with the patent. At this point, and after all these years, once we discover Blizzard has patented a name we KNOW it's most likely the next expansion. With WotLK they kept that under wraps till the very week of blizzcon back in 2007.

    In 2009 they trademarked cataclysm two months beforehand (maybe hoping the generic name wouldn't give too much away as wrath of the lich king is pretty explicit in terms of what it is about). Of course in those intervening two months there was that unbelievabley massive leak.

    That leak likely led to severe reprecussions inside Blizzard as when MOP was trademarked that is all we got. No leaks till the day itself.

    Both previous cycles, the patent was done two months early. If this holds then in late spring/early summer we should get the first tentative scrap of information regarding where we are going next.
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