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    New to SMF, what to do on cleave fights?

    Been trying to work out what to do on cleave fights like Stone Guards. As TG i would just use WW as filler so my raging blow would almost always hit both targets (10m raiding). As SMF do i simply stick to single target and use WS as filler so RB only hits one target? or should i interchange between WW and WS to make sure i always have 1 stack of meat cleaver before hitting raging blow so it hits both targets?

    As a note i have 2 2h's at 489 and 2 1h's at 489 so should i just go TG for these fights?


    EDIT: Also, what about aoe fights like wind lord? Im not heroic raiding atm so i wont have the 600% burst phase so for fights like this i assume i should stay TG and do the usual stack meat cleaver 3 times then RB.
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    You should cleave same way for both SMF and TG, TG will just perform better on cleave fights.

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    TG should be better on Cleave/AoE Fights, SMF on Single-target. But if you like SMF or TG only, what does it matter? Play what you like the most.

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    I dont really care about the playstyle, i like both equally as much i just want to do whatever is optimal.

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    I would have to say WW and RB along with you can pop Deadly Calm and throw some cleaves in there to. That depends on how your rage is coming in. Like Guardians in MSV. Be sure to WW RB and line them up to get two of the boss's as much as possible. When you have high rage pop DC and throw a cleave in when the situation allows. Don't forget on top of all the to Heroic Leap and Dragon Roar for free Aoe. Make sure to stack DR with Blood bath also because it will drop a nice bleed dot down on multiple boss's. Some times you can get all three if you time it right. I very rarely touch WS or HS due to he fact that even a WW with the shared damage is more effective.

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