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    [A] Seren 10 man Guild Stormrage Eu - Recruiting

    Seren is a 10 man semi hardcore raiding guild newly formed.
    We only started raiding a couple of weeks before holidays and we managed to clear MSV , 6/6 in HoF and 4/4 Toes

    We are in need of a few people to fill our core raiding team and we are currently recruiting the following:

    1 Paladin Holy

    Our website is : seren-guild.com
    For further information feel free to contact myself on real id : Arindel#2478 or Slimline, Dilithium in game.

    We are more than happy to answer any questions.
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    Dk and hunter spots are now closed Still looking for a balance druid and a shadow priest.

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    With your new additions we managed to down Amber Shaper and the first 2 bosses of Toes.

    We are still in need of a balance druid with resto offspec and a Holy paladin with retri offspec

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    Druid spot closed Still Looking for a holy paladin.

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    So far Seren managed to clear all normal content! with 6/6 msv 6/6 Hof and 4/4 Toes its about time to start working on our heroic progress!

    So we still recruiting a holy paladin with a prot offspec to join our team

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    Had a bit of progress killing the 2 first bosses in MSV hc but we are still in need of a holy paladin and a prot warrior

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    Still in need of a holy paladin and a prot warrior

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    With a slight progress in 3/6 hc in msv and the tank spot closed we only need a holy paladin to join our team

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