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    computer will not wake up.

    When I'm not using my pc for a while it will go into sleep mode. But when I move the mouse or hit the space bar it will not come back on. I have to manually shut it down and reboot it.

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    I've run into something like this with a past PC when it became rather cluttered with tasks and the HD was kinda packed, but it may've been another issue I was unaware of. Anyway, I just turned off hibernate/sleep mode and the problem never reproduced.

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    Turn off auto sleep in power options got this problem on a few of the computers at work :/ or if i manually turn off the monitor and turn it back on computer wont wake up the monitor. Not entirely sure whats wrong with it but i would think its a motherboard problem but if u do what i wrote above then u can avoid it alltogether :P if ur cheap like me
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    Provide system specs would help too.

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    Had the same problem with my last PC. As it only happened after a reinstall I'm 99% sure it is a software issue. For me turning sleep off was the only option.

    I hope someone will be able to help you.

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