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    GFX upgrade help.

    Oooook.. so my current GFX is a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti, and playing WoW on fair graphics is causing major fps spikes when the GFX was new I used to play on ultra with like 100+ fps.

    What i'm looking for is 2 things,

    1st Either a GFX that is compatible with the current one I have so I can run with 2.
    Or A brand new GFX that is better and will run WoW and LoL on high graphics without problem.

    Budget is around £120.

    Thankyou in advance.

    ---- EDIT ----
    Full System

    AMD Phenon (tm) II X4 955 Porcessor 3.20 GHz
    4.00 GB's RAM
    64-bit operating system.
    500 Watt power supply.

    Screen resolution -- 1920 x 1080
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    Maybe give us full details of your system, no point just upgrading the GPU if the CPU is your bottleneck.

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    In particular, let us know what power supply you're using, as well as your monitor resolution.

    With regards to your question about looking for a graphics card that is compatible with your current one, that's strongly unlikely, as you can't really 'mix' graphics cards if they're very different in terms of their series and model. I wouldn't get another GTX 550TI for SLI, but instead, selling your 550TI in order to recuperate back some money, for something more powerful, if you can.
    But before we get to that, tell us your PC's full specs.

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    Don't use SLI, I have 2 GTX580's and it runs better and cooler on one card only.

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    if you're just going to play wow and a few other "not so demanding" games i would recommend you, as it has already been said, not to use SLi ... wow just isn't made for it ...

    with about 120 pounds you wont go far concerning "new" cards ... sadly.
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    if you want to run some of the more demanding parts of an MMO smoothly with high settings, I would say the cheapest card you should get is a Radeon 7770 for around $120. The Radeon 6850 is a bit better than that card for about $140, and the 7850 is significantly better than both for around $170. Between $120 to $200, these three cards have the best price-per-performance based off the prices at newegg (if I am correct, £120 converts into around $195).

    If you were thinking about the 560, 560 Ti, or the 6870, they are either the same or almost the same price as the 7850(which is more powerful than all 3), which is what makes the 7850 so darn good for the price atm.

    your power supply watt limit would not allow a SLI connection of 2 cards, which is fine because using SLI or crossfire with 2 cards can become unstable so I wouldn't recommend it anyways.
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    I'd recommend a HD7850 GPU upgrade. It's going to stretch your budget slightly, but it's substantially better than your current 550ti, whilst still having a bit lower power consumption. The cheapest, good non-ref model that I could find was this one: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B008RJZ5Z...SIN=B008RJZ5Z6

    Also, here's rough comparisons of the two cards, if you'd be interested in knowing the performance difference (your games aren't in the list, but I'm sure this will give you some ideas): http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/549?vs=541

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