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    Resto shaman 10m raid spec and stat order

    WHATS A GOOD stat priority for a Restoration Shaman for 10m raid

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    A good default stat priority for Resto Shaman is Spirit>INT>Crit>Mastery>Haste. Going with that stat priority requires taking Ancestral Swiftness.

    For spec, Healing Tide Totem is mandatory (outside of Tsulong). The L15 and L30 talents are whatever is most useful for the fight. The L45 talents are all pretty weak and trivial; I recommend Totemic Projection so you can move/directionally place SLT. L60 - you need to take Ancestral Swiftness unless you want to reforge to at least 2017 haste. For the L90 talents, you will want to switch between Primal Elementalist (best for AoE/raid healing) and Unleashed Fury (best for single target or when you aren't using ULE with Healing Rain) depending on what you are doing.

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    thank you so much

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