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    Quote Originally Posted by rinleezwins View Post
    Link archi!
    If only Archimonde had a Dungeon Journal entry.

    Quote Originally Posted by Triptych View Post
    The most irritating thing for me, is seeing players add "lol" to everything they type in chat.

    [TRADE]: ne1 want to dual outside stormwind lol

    [TRADE]: as a dk should I gem crit or haste????
    [TRADE]: agi lol
    [TRADE]: lol

    [TRADE]: Where's teh best place to farm volatile fire!
    [TRADE]: AH lol

    [RAID]: wewt only two more sigils to get my Sha touched gem lol
    [RAID]: grats lol

    This type of garbage is what you're faced with 95% of the time in public channels. It's like watching my 9 year old daughter on her facebook chat. And it gets really hard to maintain the illusion that you're playing the game with other adults. /sadface
    This so much. Even worse is when people add that "xD" smiley to everything. BURN IT WITH FIRE!
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    I seem to only see people who consider themselves to be all high and mighty with no backing, or pvpers who think they are God's gift say this, but those who describe everything as "cute"

    "Oh you tried but failed at killing that person? Cute."

    "You're having an argument in general? You guys are cute."

    "Trying to play a new spec or just practicing and underperforming? You're so cute."

    Honestly I want to pick up a nail gun and go at the heads of everyone who uses that as a descriptive word for everything. Not a spelling mistake as such but a way of speaking that I wish to crush.
    Quote Originally Posted by goblinpaladin View Post
    Also a vegetable is a person.
    Quote Originally Posted by Orlong View Post
    I dont care if they [gays] are allowed to donate [blood], but I think we should have an option to refuse gay blood if we need to receive blood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeroZero View Post
    Out of thread parameters but when you are a guest in someones vent and people keep saying melee as 'me' 'lee' instead of 'may' 'lay', makes me want to rage all up in their faces for it.
    When people start spelling it with the proper accents I'll pronounce it that way and not a day sooner. Melee is pronounced Mee-Lee. mêlée is mell-ay.

    Not on-topic but I hate when people complain about pronunciation when they are using a bastardized version of the word. "Say it this way!" "Well then, write it properly!"

    OT: Enchancement Shaman drives me absolutely mad.
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    dose instead of does


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    enchantment shamen wants to duel rouge in front of ogrimmar, please pst

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danmakus View Post
    dose instead of does

    That's not really a real spelling error. More hitting the keys in wrong order. I can't rage about that.
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    "LF moar Sho ofa Nger"
    and yes we had that in trade the other day took 5 tries to get it right.
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    People who like to use "u" instead of "you", it looks dumb.
    especially those who at the end of a lost BG yell "u guys suck" or any other poorly spelled insult.

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    this is not only for wow, but

    there and their - so many people getting that shit wrong

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    Rouge > Rogue.
    Inscriptionist > Scribe.
    Enchantment Shaman > Enhancement Shaman.
    Transmorg > Transmog.
    Loarderon > Lordaeron.
    Dailys > Dailies.
    Blacksmither > Blacksmith / Smith.
    Dranei > Draenei.
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    Ofc. Ruoge/Rouge instead of Rogue.

    Utter hatred for that. /Ignore list np

    This is something that did annoy me but it is not a typo. Just some Flavor Player


    FOTM player: What class is the best at pvp and pve? I want to create a new character but it must be good
    Me: Elemental Hunter
    Troll1: Resto Rogue
    Troll2: Retribution Shammy
    FOTM player: Those class specs do not exist
    Troll3: BM Warrior

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldfingaz View Post
    When people start spelling it with the proper accents I'll pronounce it that way and not a day sooner. Melee is pronounced Mee-Lee. mêlée is mell-ay.

    Not on-topic but I hate when people complain about pronunciation when they are using a bastardized version of the word. "Say it this way!" "Well then, write it properly!"

    OT: Enchancement Shaman drives me absolutely mad.
    I understand where you're coming from there but it's sort of ridiculous. You clearly know the word it represents, and how to pronounce that word. With how a standard american keyboard is (the majority of the game's population) typing accented characters is not simple, at least in comparison to just hitting the non accented one.

    American Dictionaries (online at least) seem to accept either pronunciation as okay, but you seem to be saying "I know how to pronounce the original word but I choose to pronounce it wrong because evil american english bastardized it!" Seems a bit silly to me.

    As a kid I pronounced it mee lee because I didn't know any better. Now I say may lay because I do.

    But yeah, a lot of people just don't have the same care for spelling as most of those in this thread. I've mostly learned to look past it, especially among guild members because it just irritates those people, and it won't change the way they type, so why bother.

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    enchantment shaman
    I seriously thought it's enchantment over the year till now... Even when it was mentioned in patch notes or somewhere I read it as enchantment (because it's just a complicated word, so I always just run throw it and I thought enchantment is written there, just like the profession).
    So it's good to know that the shaman is not named after enchanters :O
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    Run "throw" it eh... you should probably try to get your spelling right in the "spelling mistakes" thread. Who am I kidding though....

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    Definitely "Duel Spec".

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    When I was younger I didn't know the difference between "sight" and "sigh". I always meant "sigh" but I always typed "sight" instead. I bet people would get really confused. xD
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    Loose and lose. Is it really that hard to know the difference?

    You wear "loose" clothing.

    You will "lose" spell power if you gem agility on a mage.

    English was my hated subject in school, yet I've become a neat freak about it now. :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlbanianMexican View Post
    LOOSE lose LOOSE lose LOOSE lose LOOSE lose
    This x10000000

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    "Rouge" makes me want to punch something when I see it.

    Rouge is pronounced "rooj." It is the French word for red and in English it refers to a type of make up.

    My hatred seethes twice as hard when I see a rogue misspelling it. For freak sakes, its your goddamn class, you see the word every time you log in . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaleredar View Post
    "loose" instead of "lose"

    People who say "the outlands"

    People who say "duskwallow" instead of DUSTwallow

    and then the general "their" "they're" and "there," and similar things.'s another one.
    Wait . . .

    I've been playing this game for six years now and it's not freaking Duskwallow Marsh?

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    Sylvanus, Arthus, Vareesa.

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