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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaleredar View Post
    I have come up with more!

    Any corruption of the word "pandaria" or "Pandaren," really.

    Oh, and something that has been going on for way too long...
    DestrO warlock

    Meaning what? A "destroction" spec warlock?
    As a long term DemO lock I say DestrO but that is because Destro is my favorite Cobra.

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    Blood Elfs and Night Elfs, there/their/they're, Dwarfs, Taurens, Worgens, and Drani.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrammarGodwin
    Your/You're, Their/There/They're, Two, To, Too,...
    *Not aimed at anyone person but a type of person who is too full of themselves.

    N too people liek u, I say git a lief, becus your two full of ure self
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    I wonder if this has happened to anyone else, but alot of people i've met refer to the class monk as panda
    ie: Panda dps is so weak!
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    Definitely than/then, it's like 99% of the people confuse between those, I always see "then" being used and never "than" no matter what...

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    Not really a spelling mistake but more grammar errors that infuriate me: than, then, could of instead of could have etc. Not claiming to be perfect by any means but people should know these.

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    You're aware of that WoW is 12+?

    In the society we live, I can't seem to connect a world where 12+ speak or write flawless english (at least for EU people, and even for US at that age 12-15) . Just no. Not going to happen' There's a hidden seed in the whole bunch but that's about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rekiara View Post
    "Who cares about our language, the only ways humans communicate with each other?"

    That has to be one of the most conceited things I have ever read. For one thing, humanity communicates in thousands of languages already. Many of them with absolutely no relation to one another. The fact of the matter is, no matter how butchered it is, it's still just a single language! To suggest that without proper English, we lose the ability to communicate is to suggest that, say, the Chinese people were completely incapable of communication through the first couple thousand years of their history. After all, English is the only way humans communicate!

    Alternately, we could assume you're not a complete idiot. In this case, you're still suggesting that without proper English, communication is impossible with other English speakers. That's just not at all true. I look at your example sentence and I understand that the person is making a basic social greeting. Anyone with half an understanding of modern English would. So, if the speaker's words are clearly expressing his intended message to his audience, how is that not communication? What makes it worse than proper English, or Cantonese, for that matter? If the only answer is "It's worse because it annoys me", then I'm afraid you'll simply have to adjust your own expectations to a world in which language and society continues to evolve and change on a daily basis.


    We aren't talking about formal text here either! It'd be a different story if we, as a society, started producing novels and other documents with all of the spelling/grammatical behaviors listed in this thread. It would take far, far more to "butcher" the English language to the point you're insinuating. If and when your scenario does play out, with regards to the English language, I can almost guarantee that casual internet chatting will not be listed as a catalyst. World of Warcraft is a casual hobby which allows for casual conversation. Chatting doesn't require perfect use of the language.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koohii View Post
    English was my hated subject in school, yet I've become a neat freak about it now. :/
    I hated language classes in school too (using language broadly instead of English because English was my third - Russian and Latin being first and second - curse humanitarian schools), and I still hate the finer nuances of language usage - e.g. proper usage of commas, semicolons, and so on. Getting the spelling of basic, commonly used words, though, is a matter of rudimentary respect for the language you speak, and the intelligence level of the people you are conversing with.

    That said, I can't fault people for missing commas now and then, or failing to spell certain locales properly (Orgrimmar comes to mind).

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    Quote Originally Posted by plastkaze View Post
    "lf inscriptionist"

    No, just no..

    There's always the classic "what's the dayli blabla".
    This was even worse when the correct spelling was written in the quest-log.......
    Thatswhy I always ask for an inscriptonator

    Quote Originally Posted by Runeweaver View Post
    "LF Tailorer"
    It's Tailor... .___.
    Is "Tailonator" better? xD

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    "I'm TNT!
    I'm Dinamite!
    I'm TNT!
    And i'l win the fight!
    I'm TNT!
    I'm a powe load

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    "Alot" 19chars
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spiralphoenix View Post
    I understand where you're coming from there but it's sort of ridiculous. You clearly know the word it represents, and how to pronounce that word. With how a standard american keyboard is (the majority of the game's population) typing accented characters is not simple, at least in comparison to just hitting the non accented one.

    American Dictionaries (online at least) seem to accept either pronunciation as okay, but you seem to be saying "I know how to pronounce the original word but I choose to pronounce it wrong because evil american english bastardized it!" Seems a bit silly to me.

    As a kid I pronounced it mee lee because I didn't know any better. Now I say may lay because I do.

    But yeah, a lot of people just don't have the same care for spelling as most of those in this thread. I've mostly learned to look past it, especially among guild members because it just irritates those people, and it won't change the way they type, so why bother.
    It's not even supposed to be pronounced "May-lay" it's supposed to be pronounced "Mell-ay/Mel-lay", the accents are supposed to be there to differentiate between. the sounds.

    Quick tid bit of information for a Windows based PC user: ê = alt+0234 and é - alt+0233. Not entirely complicated. Mac users, I do not know as I do not use a Mac.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kezotar View Post
    You're aware of that WoW is 12+?

    In the society we live, I can't seem to connect a world where 12+ speak or write flawless english (at least for EU people, and even for US at that age 12-15) . Just no. Not going to happen' There's a hidden seed in the whole bunch but that's about it.
    Continuing to observe poor grammar certainly isn't going to help them learn it, now will it?
    “Do not lose time on daily trivialities. Do not dwell on petty detail. For all of these things melt away and drift apart within the obscure traffic of time. Live well and live broadly. You are alive and living now. Now is the envy of all of the dead.” ~ Emily3, World of Tomorrow
    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
    Kaleredar is right...
    Words to live by.

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    Anyone in this thread that has issued a statement with the general idea of:

    "Speaking in proper grammar isn't important as long as you can convey the message of which you're intending".

    While I do agree with you; I also feel its a way of conveying your general intelligence. I feel most people are annoyed because they feel like they're talking to a person of lower intelligence. Most people who are well written and well spoken can be counted on to pay attention, play well and understand the ideas and encounters they're confronted with.
    I don't think most people care if you miss a comma, but most offenders go WAY beyond that. Most of the people I encounter who screw up simple English also write things such as: "OMG I WAS LIKE FITING THIS ROUGE N HE KILED ME CUZ I WASNT PAING AATN LIK NORMLE".

    Most of those people are way older than 12+ and may not be the brightest crayon in the box. Speaking of which... I wasn't speaking or writing in ANY manner of that nightmarish jumble of words when I was 12.

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    u r

    The fact that these typically aren't mistakes makes it worse.
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    wot is point off tread. wen i cud care less?

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    lol I never understood what MT stood for

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