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    Lightbulb (H) Blackhand - <Transcended> Recruiting for 25 man raiding

    (H) Blackhand - Transcended Recruiting for 25 man

    Raid Times:
    Monday through Thursday 7pm -11pm Server (US Central time zone)

    Classes Needed:
    Holy Paladin
    Resto Shaman
    Enhancement Shaman
    Exceptional players of other classes/specs. (really, not joking!)

    If your class is not listed feel free to apply as all exceptional applications will be considered, with priority given to the greatest needs.

    Apply at: http://transcended.us

    Can ask direct questions via battle.net id Sorn#1802

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    Doesn't appear that we would be in your needed class list but we are a prot warrior and ele shaman pair with 9/16hm and 5/16hm experience respectively. If you have interest and have room for both of us on your roster please feel free to add me to BattleTag and we can chat! Jen1193#1466

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