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I accidentally noticed that in the datamined sets from patch 5.2 the only pvp one missing was rogue s13.

What if they told the designers that the rogue set must be the best so it will take longer and is not ready yet The class is underrepresented and this could be a conservative way to try to attract some players.

I really hope it will be an interesting one. Let's wait and see
Not to be all Negative Nancy on you, but if you were playing around this time last year then you probably recall what happened with Tier 13 Death Knight armor. It couldn't be datamined, and Blizzard came out and issued an apology about how DK armor was taking extra long to finish because it wasn't to their standards yet. Then when it was released it was the worst set of DK armor ever, and a lot of people freaked out over how bad it was. Thank god for Transmog though, rofl.