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    <Ascent> US70 - 9/16H - 25M - LFM


    Ascent was originally formed in Everquest in 2001 on the Rodcet Nife realm. In 2004 we switched to World of Warcraft where we achieved a number of world first kills, most notably Ragnaros and leading the effort for the world first Anh Quiraj Gate opening. During Naxxramas(40) we left our server Medivh for Thrall due to server conditions becoming unplayable.


    - Raid Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday @ 7:30 - 11:00pm EST/Server
    - We use loot council
    - Guild repairs, potions, food, and enchants are provided for all raiders and initiates.
    - Trial period lasts as long as it needs to but usually takes around a month or so.

    Goals & Expectations

    Members must be mature and responsible. Disruptive or disrespectful members will not be tolerated and will quickly find themselves guildless. Wearing the Ascent tag means you’re representing everyone in the guild, your conduct should reflect that. Part of the enjoyment of a guild, raiding or not, is enjoying the game with your guildmates. We want the playing experience to be enjoyable because of your guildmates, not in spite of them.

    We promote a team oriented, drama-free raid environment where the goals of the group supersede any other petty concerns. Our intent is to clear heroic content as fast as possible within the time allotted by our raiding schedule. While we strive to maintain a friendly and lighthearted raid experience, progression is taken very seriously.

    What we're looking for in a potential member:

    - You should be level 90 and geared for raiding. At this time this means a 490ish item level and at least a few heroic kills.

    - You should have extensive heroic mode experience in current and past raiding tiers.

    - You should be willing and able dedicate yourself to raiding in a 25man progression guild. This includes following the cutting edge of theory crafting, min/maxing your character, experimenting with ways to improve your overall performance, etc.

    - You should be an expert at your class and posses a high level understanding of game mechanics. This is not an environment to learn how to play your class/spec.

    - We require a high level of attendance. We do not raid very many days a week, so we expect everyone to be able to make all of the raids, besides normal things that pop up. (Vacations, Illness etc)

    Contact Us

    Persons who feel they meet the above criteria should fill out an application. First impressions are important so take your time when filling out your application.

    If you have any questions please contact Glayde, Genetics or any of the officers or members of Ascent. If someone is unable to answer your questions, they can point you in the direction of someone who can.

    To apply please visit: http://www.ascent-guild.com
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    We are currently looking for:

    Resto Shaman
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