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    DBM timer issues?

    Is anyone else noticing incorrect DBM timers when doing some raid bosses? Last night we were working on HM Blade Lord and only the first Unseen Strike DBM timer was correct, for the next ones DBM would be too early compared to when the boss was actually doing unseen strike. Noticing the same issue on Normal Wind Lord with Rain of Blades, the first ones DBM seems to get right but then it gets completely off... FYI, everyone in our raid group was seeing the same on their DBM timers. PS: I checked with curse client that I was running the last version.

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    The timer is off, but just barely. The thing you need to think about is he will almost always throw out a wind slash (tornado) just before doing an unseen. So once DBM says the CD is up, wait for the slash and start running in. That strategy has yet to fail for us.

    This is of course for Blade Lord, Wind Lord seems to do rain of blades when he feels necessary.

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    His abilities don't really have a set timer but rather he just has a CD on them.

    In the end it doesn't really matter, after the Wind Step just get ready to move in eventually.

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