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    Elemental: 3x Ascendance vs. 2x Ascendance+BL. Which is better?

    Assume you can't perfectly time your Ascendance to go off during a Bloodlust, which is more DPS?

    A. Use three Ascendance cooldowns over the duration of the fight (none are during Bloodlust).
    B. Only use two, but one of the is lined up with a Bloodlust.

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    Without doing math, I'd wager that 3x in one fight is likely better. Forgetting any buffs/debuffs present and assuming you get every Ascendence off perfectly, your comparing the damage gained during your 3rd ascendence against an extra possible 2-3 LvB's you'll gain with Hero up in your second situation.

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    Not sure if this is best or correct, but personally I keep my troll racial macro-ed with ascendance, which brings the cast down to about 1sec, and more often than not i'll avoid using it alongside lust, unless i'm forced to, in which case i'll use the original ability, and chain berserking afterwards.

    Ascendance does such a stupid amount of damage, it feels like a waste to NOT use it on cooldown.

    Imo, use all 3, and try to line them up with another haste CD instead, provided your cast doesn't go too far below 1sec.
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    3 Ascendance win mostly.

    I'm not sure if a single Ascendance during Bl will double to use of Ascendance that it could catch up with 3.

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    lets do the math.. 30% faster assume that you take the full effect of it, means 15 casts instead of 10. +5 casts OR +15 casts simple
    even if we add potion to it, still better 3 than 2 with hero and potions
    what is worth doing is if you know the fight duration lets say 8 min ? so you can be sure that you can make 3 Ascendance and you will have 1min spare
    you can use this min to wait for elemental blast haste procs just dont wait too much
    or you can just wait for hero if you did 2 Ascendance without hero
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    Thanks for the input. It makes sense that even 1 lusted Ascendance can't make up for missing one altogether, just had a hard time figuring how an objective way to put it.

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